DIRTYBIRD Says “W3lcome” to Newest Member Fer BR

Fer BR
Fer BR

DIRTYBIRD has introduced us all to the newest member of the flock, Fer BR, with the release of the deep yet bouncy W3lcome EP.

DIRTYBIRD has been exhibiting a more curious streak in its roster this year, including with this year’s signing of the modular synth act, Robot Love. It’s clear that the label intends to dial into its cohesive sonic identity while also pushing the envelope forward. Now, DIRTYBIRD has brought the summer anthems this week with the W3lcome EP, a proper debut for the newest member of the flock, Fer BR.

With its bouncy tech house basslines and bubbly sound design, the two-track release feels right at home in the DIRTYBIRD discography. At the same time, Barcelona-based Fer BR offers his own twist on the classic DIRTYBIRD sound by incorporating trippy effects, minimal use of sonic elements, and distinct traditional techno influence.

Listen to the W3lcome EP on Spotify below, download or stream it on your favorite platform, and read on for my full review of this release from Dirtybird!

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Both tracks on W3lcome offer the perfect soundtrack to recreate your own at-home DIRTYBIRD BBQ.

The EP begins with its titular track, “W3lcome.” A powerful dance floor anthem, this tune comes hot out of the gates immediately with a thumping bassline paired with a fun zipper sound that gives it that distinct DIRTYBIRD flare. Halfway through the track, we are greeted with a trippy theremin-esque sound, reminiscent of the signature sound in Chris Lake‘s “Operator,” which marks the beginning of the grittier, darker second half.

The switch to a more techno-like bassline and use of eerier sound design is a clear command to our feet to get dancing. Throughout the song, Fer BR weaves in vocals that repeat uplifting phrases like “Equality,” “Health,” and “Inspiration” – much needed messaging for the community at this time.

“Caleidoscope,” the second track on the project, is another tech house heater.

Replete with cheeky vocal samples, and humorous sounds, fans of DIRTYBIRD will become quick fans of this song. Similar to the title track, “Caleidoscope” also takes a turn halfway through the song via the introduction of trippy sonic elements. Here, we have a cowbell overlaid with effects that will surprisingly captivate your ear. Likewise, the vocals have a psychedelic effect because of their breathy nature (like someone is whispering in your ear), and Fer BR’s manipulation of volumes and levels.

The bright tone of this project is an important energy lift for the community.

From the colorful artwork to the playful sound design, these tracks are a welcome breath of positive air. If DIRTYBIRD is like the fun cousin at your family reunion, W3lcome is that first drink you two commiserate over. When every variable in the industry seems to be moving and it feels like many forces in the world are trying to bring you down, it is comforting to know that DIRTYBIRD will always be there to pick you back up.

Fer BR - W3lcome

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