OWSLA consistently delivers some of the best music with artists that embody unique sounds, and heir recent HOWSLA EP brings together the best of the best in house music.

OWSLA, the brainchild of Skrillex and a few other talented individuals, is one of dance music’s standout record labels. Their roster is immaculate and is comprised of one-of-a-kind artists that each have a unique sound. Further, they are also tastemakers in the dance music scene, often setting trends and patterns single-handedly. They recently released HOWSLA, a twelve song compilation EP with tracks from Chris Lake, JOYRYDE, and Skrillex himself. The EP is purely house music from start to finish – the reasoning behind this is unknown, however, we can’t be mad about their venture into the world of house. As one of the genres that dance music was formed upon, we feel that OWSLA is did a great job with the release.

While the entire EP is extremely good, there are a few standout tracks. The EP begins with Chris Lake’s “Operator,” an unbelievably infectious song. It’s played in just about every set out there currently and it’s really hard to get that vocal out of your head! A few songs in lies a Skrillex original – “Chicken Soup,” is the label head’s collaboration with French producer Habstrakt. The song was immaculately produced by both producers and is one of the more aggressive house tunes on this compilation, nevertheless, it’s a surefire standout track. Arguably the best track on the EP is JOYRYDE’s “New Breed.” He teamed up with rapper Darnell Williams and delivered a truly spectacular track. From start to finish this one is filled with high-energy and sharp rhymes. It’s one of those tracks that easily blur the lines between dance music and hip-hop.

Overall the HOWSLA EP is a breath of fresh air in terms of house music. Each and every track on here is something like I’ve never heard before. The entire EP was crafted impressively by all parties involved. Along with this release, a HOWSLA residency begins this summer at Hollywood’s Le Jardin every other Sunday from May 28 until September 3.

Stream the HOWSLA EP on SoundCloud:

HOWSLA Le Jardin Residency Dates:
  • Week 1: Sunday, May 28
  • Week 2: Sunday, June 4
  • Week 3: Sunday, June 18
  • Week 4: Sunday, July 9
  • Week 5: Sunday, July 23
  • Week 6: Sunday, August 13
  • Week 7: Sunday, August 27
  • Week 8: Sunday, September 3

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