Dr. Fresch Brings the Magic with Latest EP ‘It Don’t Stop’

Dr. Fresch

Dr. Fresch is here to prescribe the right kind of medicine with the recent release of his It Don’t Stop EP that’s out now on Dim Mak Records.

Have no fear, the doctor is here to cure your dance music needs. Dr. Fresch isn’t afraid to experiment and get raunchy with his creative process. Nothing is off the table with him especially when it comes to blending genres together like hip-hop and bass house. After all, he is the genius behind “Gangster Gangster” featuring Baby Eazy-E and “Feedback featuring Mina Knock

Last week, he released It Don’t Stop, a five-track, debut EP on Dim Mak Records. Simply put, Dr. Fresch is pulling back the layers and showing us more of his personality and unique production style. The EP includes collaborations with FREAK ON, Andre Nickatina, and Chetta. Most importantly, this EP is the total opposite of soft.

Get ready for some bass house to erupt your dance music soul, read on to go deeper into every track on It Don’t Stop, and download or stream the EP on your favorite platform!

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Right from the start, Dr. Fresch sets the tone for the EP with “Bon Appétit” featuring Chetta.

Dr. Fresch isn’t a stranger to getting lit and raunchy. He’s all about breaking barriers and that sets him apart from everyone else. He collaborated with New Orleans-based rapper Chetta on “Bon Appétit.” The melody perfectly compliments Chetta flow and verses, and when it gets down to the drop, expect nothing less of dirty, funky bass. This song is definitely a vibe, but it’s only scratching the surface of what the EP has to offer.

“It Don’t Stop” featuring Andre Nickatina is the definition of industrial realness. 

This song in particular is a standout on the entire EP. Dr. Fresch collaborated with another rapper, Andre Nickatina for this banger. Right out the gate, Andre Nickatina’s flow takes center stage and his voice feels nostalgic to ’90s hip-hop. The melody on the title track is full of energy and the drop is absolutely filthy. This is another example of Dr. Fresch bringing hip hop and dance music together effortlessly. 

“THICCC” celebrates every human with a voluptuous peach.

Dr. Fresch teamed up with FREAK ON for this high energy tune. (Fun fact, the two are housemates.) Without a doubt, “THICCC” is the banger that demands your attention. The bassline is upbeat and magnetic. It’s the perfect festival song to get the people moving, but for now, you’re just going to have to rage and turn up to this track wherever possible… like your bedroom.

“Space” possesses all the right kind of mid-tempo vibes.

“Space” is my favorite song on the EP. For four glorious minutes, we’re blessed with the insane production skills of the doctor. The bassline is heavy and grimey right from the start. Within seconds the energy picks up and the dark melody takes over the spotlight. It’s funky yet industrial, and most importantly it gets your body moving. It’s truly addicting. This song is perfect for your workout playlist or whenever you’re looking to vibe.

“Work” featuring Chetta ends the EP on a seductive note. 

It’s difficult to resist the sultriness of this song in particular. The melody on “Work” is much slower in pace and relatively chill compared to the other tracks. There’s something extremely sexy about this song, but that’s probably my own imagination taking over the steering wheel. It’s clear that Dr. Fresch and Chetta work well together and their partnership possesses range. Overall, this EP is full of every mid-tempo house lover’s dream with a twist of darkness and mad bass.

Dr. Fresch – It Don’t Stop – Tracklist:

  1. Bon Appétit (feat. Chetta) – (2:26)
  2. It Don’t Stop (feat. Andre Nickatina) – (2:27)
  3. THICCC – with FREAK ON – (2:06)
  4. Space – (4:03)
  5. Work (feat. Chetta) – (2:22)
Dr. Fresch - It Don't Stop - EP Cover

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