i_o Brings the Energy with His Newest EP ‘NRG 444’


There’s nothing standing in the way of i_o and the momentum he’s built over the last year. Now, he’s bringing the heat with the release NRG 444.

Back in November of last year, i_o released ACID 444, a four-track EP that primarily focused on his roots as he explored the acid, warehouse side of his sound while paying homage to days of raves gone by. Now, he has blessed us with the second helping of the three-part PROJECT444 EP series with the release of NRG 444.

On ACID 444, i_o brought listeners tracks like “Replicate” and “System Error” that provided deep, dark melodies that were easy to vibe with. However, on NRG 444 i_o is striving to make your ears move and groove to the high energy melodies that truly make him stand out in the scene today.

Take a listen to NRG 444 on Spotify below, download or stream on your preferred platform, and read on for my take on these fresh tracks from i_o!

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You’ve waited long enough for the good stuff. Let’s dig into the 20 minutes of joy that i_o brings.

The standout track on the EP is Another Level” because that’s exactly what the song will do — take you to another level. The bass hits hard right out the gate and remains present throughout the duration of the track. Then, there’s a shift at the 2:50 mark that changes the song’s momentum that truly takes the track to another level.

The song slows down, but the gradual build simmers slowly into an overpower drop that instantly makes you want to lose yourself. Let’s be honest, that’s the magic of i_o, his ability to capture your attention and get you lost in his melodies, the bass, and just groove. 

“Dancing 2020” is the banger, the anthem, and the hype track of the entire EP. It’s packed with high energy, and the bass hits pretty hard—to all the shufflers out in the world, you’re going to thrive off this track. The transitions will make any wallflower join the dance floor, and it’s the right balance to make you feel good yet hyped as you listen. 

Besides the loop of “sex, drugs, techno” in “Parental Advisory,” the real magic happens around the 3:30 mark. The break that occurs is beautiful and ignites deadmau5 vibes with a build that is smooth, electric, and raises the heartbeat a notch. Once that build drops, you’re right back into the dark melody with the vocal loop in full swing.

Lastly, there’s “This Is Rave” the shortest song on the EP, but has the fastest tempo. This track is fun, light, and playful. The range on NRG 444 is brilliant and the transition between tracks is very smooth. I have to tip my hat off to i_o on this project, he’s crafting three different identities on each EP. While ACID 444 and NRG 444 consist of i_o’s signature sound, I’m stoked to see what part-three is going to bring. 

i_o — NRG 444 —Tracklist

  1. Another Level (5:02)
  2. Dancing 2020 (5:34)
  3. Parental Advisory (6:32)
  4. This Is Rave (3:36)

i_o - NRG 444 EP

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