Vulgatron and Oddprophet Join Forces on “Blind”

Vulagtron x Oddprophet - Blind

Foreign Beggars very own Vulgatron came together with Oddprophet to create a wildly high-energy tune called “Blind”!

Sometimes artists get the opportunity to collaborate with another artist that has been an inspiration to them from the start of their career. For Oddprophet, this became a reality on his newest track with Vulgatron called “Blind,” out now on Never Say Die.

Earlier this year, Foreign Beggars disbanded as a trio and are now pursuing solo careers. They were legendary in the dubstep scene for their work with Skrillex and their joint album/group with Noisia called I Am Legion, among other bodies of work. Vulgatron has taken the bull by the horns since the break up and has had some killer work come out on Never Say Die such as “Deadman” and “Blackout“.

Oddprophet is a relative newcomer to the bass scene. He’s shown some truly unique and high-quality production on his tracks such as “The Star” and “The Hierophant“. Back when he was 17, he attended the Reading music festival in the UK and one of the highlight acts was seeing I Am Legion. Now things have come full circle with him on “Blind“.

Take a listen to “Blind” below, download or stream it on your favorite platform, and read on for my thoughts on the track.

Watch the official video for Vulgatron’s “Blind” (prod. by Oddprophet):

“Blind” is a gritty, aggressive tune that showcases spitfire lyrics from Vulgatron and top-tier production from Oddprophet.

Oddprophet has made a name for himself through his distinctive sound of bass music. He’s one of those artists that you can instantly recognize just from his sound on a track alone and has continued to bring his signature heavy, unique production elements on “Blind”.

The song starts off with a catchy, synth-driven melody and Vulgatron’s rapid-fire lyrics. It then quickly builds into a guttural and metallic drop that immediately makes you want to headbang. Vulgatron comes back for a second verse on top of high-pitched synths which again build up into a hype second drop. Finally, the song ends with a rather calm outro for you to recollect what just happened on this crazy song.

What’s your take on “Blind”? Let us know in the comments below!Vulgatron - Blind

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