After taking an 18-month hiatus from the public eye, Datsik has released a video to address his absence and apologize… sort of.

It was just a year and a half ago that the bass music scene was rocked with the news that Troy “Datsik” Beetles was accused of sexual assault by multiple women. Going silent on social media, his management dropped him and shortly thereafter he stepped down from his label. He also canceled the remaining dates on his Ninja Nation tour as support acts bailed as well.

Today, after 18 months of silence, Datsik has now resurfaced with a seven-minute-long video in which he speaks to his disappearance from the scene. Putting the blame on stress and depression, he explains that he’s been living in a facility to work on the problems that developed over years of touring, stating “I’ve been using this past year and a half to do some major soul searching, and to figure out how I can better myself, and make smarter lifestyle choices moving forward.”

While Datsik has addressed his own actions and said that he’s working to become a better person, something was notably absent from the entire apology.

In the video, Datsik apologizes “for my poor behavior and the reckless lifestyle that had a detrimental effect on my relationships,” and states that “it’s opened my eyes to the moral duty I have as a member of the EDM community, and society as a whole.” 

But throughout the entire seven-minute runtime of the video, Datsik only alludes to the allegations that were made against him in March of 2018. In fact, he never once mentions the specific allegations or directly apologizes to the victims who came forward and brought this to light. Instead, the apology is only about himself.

If the remarks he made in the video like, “I want to be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem,” and “I would like to regain your trust, I’m a human being, and I’m continuing to learn and grow, and I believe this journey has changed me for the better,” are indeed what he’s set out to do, then he should begin by giving his victims a proper apology instead of dancing around the topic.

Watch the video on Facebook to see what Datsik had to say today and let us know what you feel about his apology in the comments.

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