The Landing Volume 082 || Fresh Tunes From This Week!

The Landing

Welcome to The Landing, EDM Identity’s weekly post highlighting fresh tracks you may have missed!

In each edition of The Landing, we intend to highlight some tracks that have landed in our inbox each week that you may have missed, or perhaps shine a light on new music for you to fall in love with.

This week’s edition of The Landing features fresh tracks from Digital Ethos, Alex di Stefano, Cubicolor, Brian Flinn, Bear Grillz, and more!

Listen to some of our favorite tunes from this week and past editions in our playlist and read on for more details on the tunes added below!

The Landing || Volume 082

Alex Di Stefano / The Landing
A future dance floor anthem ready for your listening pleasure, Alex Di Stefano destroys with “Now Get On Up.”

There will not be even one body left dry in the club as “Now Get On Up“, out now on Outburst Records, will leave tech trance fanatics dripping with sweat as the beat pummels the senses. With an infectious percussive build to drive the anticipation forward, Alex Di Stefano delivers the heat as we are wrapped in a cloak of sheer dance floor madness.

Full of splendid auditory dynamics, you are not going to know whether to raise your hands to the heavens in celebration or dig those hips low to the ground as you grind with your fellow ravers. But, no matter what your dancing style, this is a track that promises to be the highlight of any setlist for many years to come! – Maria

Download or stream Alex Di Stefano – “Now Get On Up” on SoundCloud.

digital ethos heavy
Digital Ethos drops a disgustingly “Heavy” bass tune.

Having worked with the likes of Bassnectar and Space Jesus, Digital Ethos is someone who should be on your radar if he isn’t already. Combining filthy wobbles with the nastiest, grittiest, grimiest subterranean bass you can find, Digital Ethos redefines experimental bass and leaves his own mark on it.

The artist’s latest release “Heavy” is exactly that – with gnarly bass rumbles that stick and stutter with a bass face-inducing fervor, “Heavy” is a hell of a tune. I definitely expect to hear it in some freeform bass sets this year. Check out “Heavy” today! – Jayce

Download or stream “Heavy” on SoundCloud!

Elypsis - I Wont Let Go & Adrift At Sea
We’re adrift in the waves of progressive house with this new tune!

Progressive gems are not taken lightly by Silk Music, and Elypsis’ moody “Adrift at Sea” is no exception. Officially a B-side to the vocal delight of “I Won’t Let Go,” “Adrift at Sea” offers a track so velvety smooth that getting sunk into its fabric is effortless.

The beauty stems from its sparse use of a diverse set of instruments – the acoustic guitar plays out the shining sun in summertime, the plucks reminisce of wind chimes in the twilight hours, and the bass line groove allows the hips to sway in an easy laid back manner.

Out now on all major outlets, if you are a fan of artists like Roger Shah or his alias Sunlounger or even the beauty of a track like Envio’s “For You,” you well find plenty to love in this one. Grab your copy now. – MyStro

Download or stream “Adrift At Sea” on YouTube.

Jauz The Wise and the Wicked
JAUZ releases his highly anticipated album The Wise and the Wicked!

There seems to be a recent trend in electronic music of artists becoming more involved with the storytelling process of their music. REZZ released an accompanying comic book for Mass Manipulation, Big Wild produced the “Ascension” video, and Pluko live streamed his debut album Sixteen along with visuals from the places that inspired his work. It is really cool to see artists go beyond the music to create a deeper experience for their fans and listener to connect with

JAUZ’s debut album is completely different from what I expected. Not only is it organized in a way that tells a story, but bass artist experiments with a lot of different sounds and collaborates with a variety of different vocalists and producers. My favorite track from the album is “On Fire” with HYPRESSION. The drop takes me back to the old Disclosure and will have anyone’s feet tapping in no time. Even if you don’t consider yourself a big fan of JAUZ I think you will love at least a few tracks from the album! – Zach

Download or stream “On Fire” on Spotify and SoundCloud!

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Boxed Out Cubicolor
Cubicolor’s “Boxed Out’ has me in awe of its beauty and simplicity.

The latest release from the Anjunadeep camp, “Boxed Out” by Cubicolor, is a fresh take on the struggle many face in their day to day lives.  Vocalist Tim Digby-Bell shared that the track is a take on the dichotomy between the need to be always connected online against the need for human interaction; he said that “Technology can move so fast these days you can barely catch a breath; ‘Boxed Out’ came from a sense of how isolating that can feel.”

The track most certainly achieves the goal of invoking that sensation for the listener by interweaving two distinct melodic structures throughout the piece: in one, the senses are overloaded by a progression of chords that has a minor, discordant tension to them.  That suspense gives way to a lighter, more playful riff that is coupled with absolutely stunning vocals. – Tim

Download or stream “Boxed Out” on Spotify and SoundCloud!

bosssfight - charge
Bossfight continues his Monstercat releases with “Charge”!

Not too much is known about Bossfight other than that he is a Swedish producer. What is known, though, is his ability to make some catchy and incredible tunes.

His Monstercat release, “Charge,” is filled with loud energy from the beginning. This bass house tune does not cease and has some great melodic sections as well. The energy in this track is unparalleled and we are excited to see where Bossfight goes from here! – James

Download or stream Bossfight – “Charge” on SoundCloud!

Supernova Gene Farris "Ass on the Dancefloor"
Supernova will make sure you get your “Ass on the Dancefloor!”

If you haven’t heard of Supernova, now is the time to fix that. Hailing from Italy, Emiliano “EMIJAY” Nencioni and Giacomo “G.O.D.I.” Godi both had successful careers in their own right before joining forces in 2002, and the rest, as they say, is history.

This, week, they’re back with a stellar new tune featuring none other than renowned Chicago-born house music artist Gene Farris titled “Ass on the Dancefloor,” and it’s safe to say that the track accomplishes just that. Featuring a catchy bossa nova-inspired beat and a wicked modulated vocal line, “Ass on the Dancefloor” is old school tech house in the best way possible. Give it a listen!

Stream Supernova – “Ass on the Dancefloor” (feat. Gene Farris) on SoundCloud!

Bear Grillz - Too Loud
Bear Grillz makes Dim Mak debut with “TOO LOUD.”

Dubstep heavyweight Bear Grillz never disappoints with his releases. He makes his Dim Mak debut with his original track “TOO LOUD.” The track is a wild journey from start to finish that is complete with loud synths, heavy bass and two unique drops! We’re looking forward to hearing more new Bear Grillz after this insane track! – James

Download or stream Bear Grillz – “TOO LOUD” on SoundCloud!

Brian Flinn - Animate the Enemy
Brian Flinn releases massive Trance hit called “Animate the Enemy”.

Brian Flinn‘s talent has continued to grow as he releases more and more tracks that Trance fans love worldwide. His latest release, “Animate the Enemy”, showcases his signature sound. Mixed in, listeners will find hard-hitting bass lines and an epic breakdown filled with beautiful choir voices in the background. Next, Flinn brings the track back up into a massive drop. While listening, you can’t help but move your body! “Animate the Enemy” was released yesterday on Degenerate Records. – Cassey

Stream Brian Flinn – “Animate the Enemy” on YouTube