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Today let’s take it back to one of the most feel-good, iconic tracks from Porter Robinson – “Flicker”!

Doubtless one of my favorite tracks of all time, “Flicker” is one of those songs that absolutely never gets old and will put a smile on your face each and every listen. Released in 2014 as a part of Porter Robinson‘s legendary Worlds album, the euphoric beat and infectious autotuned vocals have led “Flicker” to become one of his fans’ favorite tracks from the album.

I love how the track has such a journey-like feel to it, with so many different musical elements and bridges yet keeping the same upbeat, happy vibe throughout. Every time I hear it I think of the music video, how it takes both beautiful and everyday sites and makes them extraordinary with beautiful colors and shapes. I imagine my world through Porter’s eyes, letting “Flicker” take me on my own journey through life.

There really is nothing like the harmonious chord progressions within “Flicker”; I can just see the visuals at Porter’s sets bursting into vibrant colors as the ecstatic melody moves through my veins. The track also received a funky, deeper remix by Mat Zo, which Porter often plays in his sets along with the original.

Check out the Porter Robison – “Flicker” Music Video on YouTube:

For fans of Porter Robinson, “Flicker” represents one of the happy points of Porter’s Worlds sets, in which he takes you on a journey through life and love. Worlds is filled with moments of loneliness, trials, and anger, but always resolves into euphoric moments of finding yourself and opening up to love. This is where Porter brings in tracks like “Easy” and “Language” that express these blissful emotions in their jubilant melodies. “Flicker” never fails to put me in the best mood, whether I am blasting it in the car, dancing with my best friends, or being blown away at a Worlds set.

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