Spencer Brown Delivers the Electronic Truth With ‘Illusion Of Perfection’

Spencer Brown

With the arrival of Spencer Brown’s debut album Illusion Of Perfection, there seems to be no limit to the raw emotion that lingers throughout every beat!

It was the brilliant men that make up the dream trio Above & Beyond who would discover Spencer Brown shortly after his 2014 debut release, the Chalice EP, on Avicii’s LE7ELS. After a slew of brilliant EP releases on their legendary Anjunabeats label, today Spencer Brown steps into the next chapter of his flourishing Anjuna career with his 2018 debut album Illusion of Perfection!

In full disclosure, I fell upon Spencer’s spectacular production expertise after a friend of mine asked me to check out his album and work on a review. As a dance music advocate of all of its glorious shapes and forms, I found myself very intrigued and excited about the opportunity to dig in and get to know an artist that I have yet to truly know. So join me as we take a peek at Spencer Brown’s Illusion Of Perfection!

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From the very first track titled “The Gardens” I am welcomed with a blossoming melody that warms my heart and whisks all my stress away.

As I lay back and let the melody wash over my soul I am pleasantly surprised when suddenly the rhythm picks up, making way for house inspired kicks that draw me in for a quick one woman dance session in my living room with “I’ll Never” as my groovy guide. Finding a balance between chill vibes and pumping energy, this is the anticipatory track that I had hoped for.

Spencer Brown is known in the industry as an artist who designs his productions with a keen eye on diversity, ranging from house to techno, trance to deep house, and of course that beautiful progressive flow. His creative artistry stands glistening at the forefront of Illusion Of Perfection with dance floor delicacies that ooze with both class and swag. The perfect example of this is seen in his collaboration with Roderick Demmings Jr. on “Airplane Tekno”, painting a picture of the lounge-centric lifestyle as I am hypnotized by the tickling of the ivories.

But, I can’t get too comfortable because within a matter of seconds Illusion Of Perfection takes yet another creative turn with the quirky character of “Arps N Crafts”. Pressing on the gas pedal, Spencer delivers the energy as a momentary respite from the chilled out tone seen thus far. Now that I am all warmed up and ready to go, the billowing synths of “Will I Ever Find Love” adds yet one more layer of sound quality that has left me begging for more.

Now fully immersed in the meat and potatoes section of the album, Spencer Brown invites me into a world where the crystalline sound of chimes set the standard for a multi-level journey through “Nightwalk”, “J2”, and “Audio”!

There seems to be quite the recurring theme on tracks six through eight, each brilliantly playing off of the last as the sounds of the percussion instrument known as the chime takes the stage front and center for an extended moment of musical bliss. At this moment I feel like I am becoming a true Spencer Brown fan as his musical choices have opened me up to a side of dance music that I have yet to truly dig into, but feel instantly connected with.

Moving forward on my soul soothing journey, Spencer comes back for some more collaboration action, joining Wilt Claybourne on “waves.wav” featuring Jules. This party pumping tune gets my feet yearning for the dance floor as the rippling melody makes way for a sexy saxophone solo, furthering my understanding of who Spencer Brown is as a true musical tastemaker.

Suddenly, I become enthralled by the sounds of “Hippie Hill”. As one of my favorite tracks of the lot, “Hippie Hill” comes in with that oh so familiar tech house kick, a sound that I have gravitated to with arms open in the previous months. What I love about this track is that although it has tech house inspiration it is the progressive melody that adds layers of beauty, culminating in a well-rounded piece of musical gold with a build that is to die for!

We have come to the last two tracks on Illusion Of Perfection and I can’t wait to see what Spencer has dreamt up for us!

Kicking things off with yet more of those glorious house kicks, the chimes come back for an encore performance, illuminating the airwaves with the sounds of “Bill Graham”. In essence, this is the track that brings the album full circle, combining elements from earlier offerings and developing a piece perfect for keeping the energy alive all the while staying true to the easy listening vibes.

Already fully prepared to hit the repeat button on the album I have one final Spencer Brown creation to explore. This one comes in the form of “No Going Back” with a little help from Anjunabeats staple Arty under his alias ALPHA 9! This is the tune that inspired my hands to reach high to the heavens as the awe-inspiring melody highlights my peak of emotional clarity. With peace in my heart and a new-found pep in my step, Spencer Brown has broken down the Illusion Of Perfection and has unveiled the truth about his very real and relevant mastery inside the studio.

What are some of your favorite tracks from Spencer Brown’s Illusion Of Perfection? Let us know in the comments!

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Spencer Brown - Illusion Of Perfection

Spencer Brown – Illusion Of Perfection Tracklist:

  1. Spencer Brown – The Gardens
  2. Spencer Brown – I’ll Never
  3. Spencer Brown feat. Roderick Demmings Jr. – Airplane Tekno
  4. Spencer Brown – Arps n Crafts
  5. Spencer Brown – Will I Ever Find Love
  6. Spencer Brown – Nightwalk
  7. Spencer Brown – J2
  8. Spencer Brown & Liam Hathaway – Audio
  9. Spencer Brown & Wilt Claybourne feat. Jules – waves.wav
  10. Spencer Brown – Hippie Hill
  11. Spencer Brown – Bill Graham
  12. Spencer Brown & ALPHA 9 – No Going Back (Spencer’s Album Mix)

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