Forget everything you knew about the essence of trance because Triceradrops is here with Coalescereminding us that the dark side holds the key to true dance floor debauchery!

It’s not very often that an artist comes along with the potential to catapult the trance game into the next dimension with a firestorm of diabolical beats that capture the true essence of psytrance in its darkest form. Ever since Triceradrops burst onto the scene with tracks like “Floor Bomb” “End Creation”, and “A Lucid Nightmare”, we knew we were witnessing the future of trance unfolding before our very eyes. Today, Triceradrops turns the chapter, shaking trance fans to the core with his debut album Coalesce, out now on Christopher Lawrence‘s own Pharmacy Music!

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Combining the dark ethereal energy of metal, the pulse-pounding drive of techno, and the alienistic character of psychedelic trance, Triceradrops blurs the lines drawn out by genre classification, merging the sounds of the underground into a brand new concoction brilliantly unique and all his own. Coalesce can be viewed as the literal love child born out of this marriage between the mysterious sounds and rhythms that dance in the dark, preparing the soul for a wild journey through the subconscious.

Coalesce opens with “Kill The Doubt / Hellucinogen” and we are greeted with a glorious horror that can be found only in the darkest of nightmares.

As we prepare our bodies for unadulterated musical insanity, our mind-bending journey has only just begun as Triceradrops presses the pedal hard to the floor, invigorating the body with a rhythm not meant for the faint of heart. As “Embrace” powers through the speakers we dive one level deeper as tech soaked kicks provide the fuel and industrial sound bytes that sit below demonic chants open up our mind to a mania impossible to escape.

Not wanting to stand alone in his journey through the dark underworld, Triceradrops invites some very special friends to join him in the fun.

Calling on fellow Pharmacy masterminds Sidekicks and No Cliu to add a bit of creative flair, “High Tech Pirates” and “No Triuth offer up high energy trip sessions that will melt even the strongest of minds. But, it is Triceradrops’ remix of the Christopher Lawrence classic “Faith In The Future” that brings our endorphins to full peak, as he dishes out a fresh update to a tune that will forever linger with timeless wonder.

You can’t have a true psytrance soaked party without a little Barakuda action. As the Psytribe master of the underground for over 20 years and one of the reasons that Triceradrops has devoted his life to the scene takes the reigns, “Nightwalker” creeps in like a thief in the night twisting reality and throwing the body into a full-on flight into the outer reaches of the galaxy.

Triceradrops has truly arrived to stir up some frenzy, unlike anything we have experienced before.

Speckled throughout the album, Triceradrops creates an experience as a one-man wrecking ball, delivering the terror ten-fold on “Transfiguration Of The Mind”, “Sine Illusion”, “Reign”, and “Candice”. As each track unfolds it is clear that this man is here to mess up our world, leaving unicorns, rainbows, and everything cute and fuzzy far out of sight and out of mind.

With the sweat dripping from every inch of my body, we have reached the pinnacle of sound and in no way am I ready for it to end!

With just one more demonic delicacy to explore it is Triceradrops and best friend Diabolus that places the cherry on top of a massively infectious debut album. Going deeper and darker than ever before “Asphyxiate” delivers us to the throne of Satan. There is nowhere to escape as the crunchy synths rock my world in all the right ways. In this moment I realize that this is the track that will forever separate Triceradrops from the pack. We are truly in the midst of greatness.

As a pioneer for the new wave of psytrance sound, Triceradrops offers a benchmark for all who are brave enough to venture into the sounds of dark psy.

For a debut album, Coalesce is everything that I could have hoped for and more. His previous work and the feelings that wrap around my soul every time a Triceradrops beat rushes through the airwaves are evident fully in this release.

Now that the album is here, all that’s left to do is celebrate this massive milestone on the dance floor! Join Triceradrops for his album release party on Saturday, February 17 in Los Angeles and enter the tripped-out dimension of Coalesce.

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Triceradrops Coalesce

Triceradrops – Coalesce Tracklist:

  1. Triceradrops – Kill The Doubt / Hellucinogen
  2. Triceradrops – Embrace
  3. Triceradrops vs Sidekicks – Hitech Pirates
  4. Christopher Lawrence – Faith In Future (Triceradrops Remix)
  5. Triceradrops – Transfiguration Of The Mind
  6. Triceradrops – Sine Illusion
  7. Triceradrops vs No Cliu – No Triuth
  8. Triceradrops & Barakuda – Nightwalker
  9. Triceradrops – Reign
  10. Triceradrops – Candice
  11. Triceradrops vs Diabolus – Asphyxiate

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Maria first fell in love with electronic music in the early 2000's when she heard a little tune called "Satisfaction" by Benny Benassi. Since then she has dived head first into the scene and become passionate about the trance, techno, and tech house genre's. Festival's like EDC, Dreamstate, and TomorrowWorld hold the key to her soul and dance music will always and forever be a major part of her life.

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