Walker & Royce Release ‘Self Help’ On Dirtybird

Walker & Royce Self Help

Prepare yourself for a listening experience of epic proportions: Walker & Royce’s debut album Self Help is out now on Dirtybird Records!

Walker & Royce are one of the house music scene’s hottest acts of the moment. Hailing from New York City, the duo just capped off an insanely busy summer of touring with the release of their new album, Self Help. Their debut album, released on Dirtybird Records, is filled with instant classics such as “Take Me To Your Leader” and “Rub Another Dub“, both of which were released earlier this summer.

Self Help is filled top to bottom with tracks that are destined to light up dance floors across the world. The album is reflective of a number of different collaborative relationships that the duo forged in writing and producing the tracks contained therein with artists such as Dances With White Girls, Green Velvet, and Sophiegrophy, to name a few.

What that collaborative energy yielded is nothing short of phenomenal – an 11-track collection of tunes that all have a distinct character while hanging together perfectly for what will surely go down as a career-defining album. Any apprehension that the duo might previously have felt about releasing a full-length album has surely dissipated; it is unquestionably destined to be a smash.

Stream or purchase Self Help via your favorite platform here, and make sure to check out the duo’s tour dates!

In addition to their rigorous summer schedule, Walker & Royce capped off the season with a headline slot at the always epic Dirtybird Campout, which we found to be one of our favorite sets at the event. Check out his review of the incredible experience here!

Self Help Tracklist:
  1. Sunday
  2. Role Models feat. OnCue
  3. Best Track Ever
  4. My Own Thang feat. Sophiegrophy
  5. Take Me To Your Leader feat. Dances With White Girls
  6. Why Tho
  7. Love & Marriage feat. Dances With White Girls
  8. Warkin It
  9. Can You Pass That? feat. Mr. JPatt
  10. Rub Anotha Dub feat. Green Velvet
  11. Need Ya feat. Forrest

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