Suwannee Hulaween

Getting excited for Suwannee Hulaween? Be prepared and check out all the fun attractions they are bringing this year!

With Suwannee Hulaween just a week away, everyone is getting their bags packed, camping gear accounted for, and costumes prepared. A well-matured festival, Hulaween brings in its fifth consecutive Halloween with more thrills, chills, and spectacles than ever. The production has continued to ascend to higher levels of extravagance year after year, so I cannot imagine what we will be able to immersive ourselves come Thursday, October 26. The festival just announced this week that it has SOLD OUT so this will be one hell of a time!

Check out the full lineup of the festival’s artists to really get a feel for what you should be getting into!

Things To Do Inside Hulaween… if you dare…

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Experience Spirit Lake

I recently mentioned Spirit Lake and all its awesomeness in our write-up about why Suwannee and Hulaween are one of Florida’s best-kept secrets… though I guess now the cat would be out the bag. Needless to say, with Spirit Lake’s artwork, live performances, and ever-changing spectacles, you absolutely must check it out.

Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

Get Down at the Silent Disco

Suwannee has been incorporating Silent Disco since before it was cool to dance in silence.The Silent Disco is conveniently located at Spirit Lake, which is just another reason why Spirit Lake is epic. Every night from the pre-party on we will be able to immerse ourselves in some epic tunes.

Artists like Suwannee favorites Vlad the Inhaler and MZG will be taking us deep into the night and early morning. The full schedule has already been released, so make sure to save some energy – there are going to be some late nights. Come out to continue your already epic night or just come people watch! Either way, you will not be bored.

Check out the full schedule for Silent Disco and all of Hulaween here.

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 Explore Suwannee Campgrounds

Hulaween’s venue, Spirit of Suwannee Music Park, is highly sought after by live music lovers all over the Southeast. It is a literal campground with acres upon acres of campsites to explore. The grounds host music halls, open fields with some of the best stargazing, and Suwannee River, which is a must when the sun is high in the sky.

You could easily walk around those ground for hours and explore campsites, especially for Hulaween, as they’ll all be decorated to the nines. The creativity of the campsites becomes more and more hilarious and extravagant as the years go by. Last year, my personal favorite was a group of friends of mine from Key West who were supporting the not yet elected Kanye West. They predict 2020 will be the year he will enter the White House and they could not be more supportive.

Suwannee Hulaween Ferris Wheel
Photo Credit: Chris Monaghan
Ride the Rides!

It is not the ride selection you would get at EDC Las Vegas, but Hulaween has you covered with some rides. The festival boasts two carnival-style rides: the classic Ferris Wheel and the Vortex. Both provide a fun little added element to the main stage area, where both are located.

I have many a time walked by the Vortex and seen people coming off it stumbling and puking. The classic Ferris wheel always provides a chance for an insane view of the Main Stage. It also is a great place to have a moment with your festival bae; let’s be honest, women love a romantic Ferris wheel, especially to some String Cheese.

A friend of mine had this amazing moment last year; he accidentally but perfectly ended up on the Feris wheel during the famous Saturday String Cheese set. He was able to get a bird’s eye view as Cheese took us back into the 80’s music scene with his companion. He said he remembers seeing a confetti shower that was nothing short of magical to see. So, set aside some time and go take a memorable ride – or have a memorable puke. Your choice.

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Featured Photo Credit: Dubera

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