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The Funk Hunters team up with Leo Napier to release track “Hands Up (Raise Your Fist)”!

Today, The Funk Hunters have unleashed a new smashing single that’s been rocking festivals all summer long. This time, the groovy electro-funk duo teamed up with neo-soul singer, songwriter Leo Napier to bring us “Hands Up (Raise Your Fist)“. The song is an upbeat, rousing anthem that could call even the most sedentary bystander to attention. 

The track’s brief, rising intro floats into a bed of vocals, then plunges into its signature thumping bassline. That pounding beat carries us through a multi-layered assemblage of cheeky samples, bouncing synths and a catchy lead, giving it their unmistakable funky flavor. Stream or download “Hands Up (Raise Your Fist)” on your favorite platform today!

Watch the lyric video for “Hands Up (Raise Your Fist)” on YouTube:

The Funk Hunters are well-known for bringing modern hip-hop and bass music elements together with the classic funk sound.

Their producer Nick Middleton said he’d been sitting on this track for years before it really “came to life” through Napier’s vocals. “I’m so excited to finally release this one,” he continues. “Leo was just a treat to work with, he really nailed it!”

Leo Napier has collaborated with many artists, notably GRiZ and Gramatik, in other heavy-funky stylings. He says he wanted “something that people could rock out to and stick their middle fingers in the air”… “The Funk Hunters’ music tweaked the anarchistic impulses in me”. A sentiment which is not unique to Napier’s experience.

Napier’s vocals definitely meld with The Funk Hunters’ ongoing lyrical motifs; ones that inspire awareness and action, like their huge hit “Get Involved” with the sensuous stylings of ingenious rapper Chali 2na. To Napier, the song “sounded like power to the people music,” a vibe that really shines through. Added with the vocal backup of soul singer Dawn Pemberton, the track really has a full, well-rounded flavor.

The track is the first to be released from The Funk Hunters’ upcoming full-length album TYPECAST, which is set to drop in early 2018. 

The Funk Hunters - Hands Up feat Leo Napier

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