Whitney Peterson

Meet Whitney Peterson in this week’s #IDSpotlight!

Name: Whitney Peterson
Rave Name: None
Age: 19
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Occupation: Student / EDM Identity Contributor
Twitter: @whitneypeteeee
Instagram: @whitneypeterson

What was your first electronic music event?

I went to my first electronic music event when I was fifteen, Hardwell played at Petco Park in San Diego. His set absolutely blew my mind and his energy was so strong from start to end, sending such amazing vibes through all of downtown San Diego.

My first festival was Hard Summer 2014. The lineup was every EDM lover’s dream: Jack U, Flosstradamus, Disclosure, Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Dillon Francis, etc. I knew I was hooked on festivals and EDM after that experience. The atmosphere that the people, talented artists, music and crowd created is something I will never forget.

What/who influenced you to attend your first event?

A close friend of mine, Logan Abadir, who I met freshman year of high school, was one of the only people who seemed to love EDM as much as I did, at the time. I didn’t know anyone, prior to meeting Logan, that seemed interested in attending an EDM concert, so meeting her definitely helped my love for it grow much stronger. The stories she would share about her experiences at concerts made me so eager that I knew I needed to go to one and experience it for myself, so we went to Hardwell together.

Whitney Peterson

What is one moment from an event that was special and why?

I remember so vividly during Porter Robinson’s set at Hard Summer 2015 a moment of feeling pure joy and gratefulness. Porter Robinson was my favorite DJ to listen to at the time and I had never seen him live before, and in the middle of his set, I found myself in a state of awe. His visuals were incredibly beautiful, my favorite song, “Sad Machine”, was playing and I was surrounded by so many friends.

To this day it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It left my cheeks sore from smiling so much, and I go back and watch that live set almost every week. Porter truly solidified my love for music and made me realize that it has the ability to bring so many amazing people together to experience that joy together.

What is your favorite festival or event?

I would have to say Coachella is my favorite festival because it is such an experience in itself: desert vibes, a variety of styles and interests, the art that occupies the space in such a great way and diversity of music. I have gone twice and both times left wanting to plan for the next. I love that it’s an adventure to get to Coachella and it becomes everyone’s piece of heaven for the weekend.

Whitney Peterson

What is your favorite electronic song and why?

My favorite electronic song is Oliver Heldens X Becky Hill – Gecko (Overdrive). It is definitely my go-to and I never get tired of it. The drop is so exciting yet deep in a way and although I think the original with no vocals is awesome, Becky Hill’s voice is so powerful and fitting in Overdrive.

Who are your favorite artists?

My favorite artists are definitely Porter Robinson, Flosstradamus, Oliver Heldens, RL Grime, Tchami, Louis The Child, Flume, and Disclosure. It’s hard to narrow it down to my favorites, but these artists have always blown me away with their music and live sets.

Whitney Peterson

What are your favorite genres?

Definitely Trap and Deep House, I really like how powerful and fun the drops are. They always get people up and dancing which I love.

What do you feel your “Identity” is in the electronic music community?

My identity in the electronic music community is one that tries to create a new and unique experience at every concert/event I attend. I believe that it’s important to change things up, try new things and meet new people. I also love being an advocate for electronic music, always showing my friends photos and videos I have taken, new songs, artists, and events coming up. What better way to express your love for something than by spreading it for others to experience?

My identity focuses on learning more about where the music comes from and the people who created it because there is always a mastermind behind everyone’s favorite song.

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Whitney is a nineteen-year-old and who is fortunate enough to attend her dream school, Indiana University, where she will be a sophomore this upcoming fall. She was born in Redwood City (San Francisco), California, but grew up in San Diego. Whitney has many interests including music, photography, videography, graphic design and the power of interaction. Her first EDM concert was Hardwell in San Diego and first music festival was Hard Summer 2014. Whitney found so much joy and energy at both of those events that she immediately knew she wanted to be involved in that industry as soon as possible. The deeper love she has for the music was not found at one specific event, but rather it continues to be found at every one of them. Whitney is extroverted, adventurous, and loves to be around people who share the same passion for this music and the energy that comes with it. Now writing for EDM Identity, she wants to help people understand her endless love and passion for the electronic music scene.

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