Take A Deep Breath And Listen To REZZ’s Track, “Relax”!

REZZ Relax

Dive in and get weird with REZZ’s hypnotizing single, “Relax” off her forthcoming album, Mass Manipulation.

Mau5trap’s music darling, REZZ releases her newest single “Relax” as a warm up for her fans eagerly waiting for Mass Manipulation. During Electric Forest Weekend 2, REZZ hinted that the album would be out soon. She recently announced Mass Manipulation will be released August 4 this year.

“Relax” takes you on a journey from start to finish with its eerie, dark sound. With the voice over in the beginning of the track helps set the mood for the track. The voice over actor’s tone and narration reminds me of Gene Wilder’s “Pure Imagination” but with an American Horror Story vibe than Willy Wonka and his Chocolate Factory. I couldn’t help but nod my head to the beats of the track as though I have been hypnotized. This sample of the album brings hope that we’ll be getting more industrial, dark sounds from REZZ’s upcoming album.

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REZZ-faithful can also enjoy the accompanying music video for her new single.
The director and writer for the music video is Tyler Hynes, who capture the song’s dark essences. REZZ herself stated even she was “creeped out just being at the shoot.” The music video set in a dark, abandoned institution as REZZ travels through dragging a Polaroid with her. I love the drama of the opening sequence of the video with an elderly Asian woman talking about being in the institution and saved by a “special woman.” Allowing the woman to speak in Chinese added nuanced to the video. Pavel Endo did a great job with the cinematography for the video in creating that dark atmosphere in the video. I’m definitely hoping REZZ makes a series out of music videos. There is definite potential for a sequel to this music video.

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