Carneyval Love & Emotion

“Love & Emotion” are the trouble that Carneyval is bringing in his latest collaborative release with Hudson Thames.

Carneyval is continuing that sublime blend of Pop sensibilities with Electronic production on track “Love & Emotion”.  After releasing “It Ain’t Love” with Jackson Breit late last year, which we talked about here, the Los Angeles-based producer returns in the Spring of 2017 with a solid blend of Electronic flair, R&B lyric styling, and a groovy chorus section.  The chorus, in particular, features a really unique mixture of breakbeat Future House while layering the vocal lines to deliver a smooth flow of melody.

There is a strong sense of both hope and loss in the lyrics.  The lines from the chorus really showcase this:

I’ve been searching for love and emotion,

I’ve been trying to swim through this ocean,

I won’t talk about it // I won’t think it too much

I’ve been searching for faith in the real world,

I’m a sucker for pain and a good girl,

I won’t talk about it // I won’t think it too much

In all, it shows just how well Carneyval continues to develop and hone the tools in this production toolbox.  Working with lyricists to really shine on top of the music he wants to produce.  This isn’t a cash grab for airplay, but it could find plenty of it.  This isn’t something that is designed to get the crowd hyped at the festivals, but it is something to jam to at home or in the car with good friends.  The lyrics remain catchy, the hook within the chorus resonating with the listener long after a first listen.

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