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After a year of preparations and grueling hours inside the studio, the much-awaited Cycles 8 is ready for lift off!

Since the Cycles 7 debut almost a year ago, Max Graham fans all over the planet have been patiently waiting for the next chapter of the Cycles series. Well, the wait is over. Trance legend Max Graham is proud to announce that another journey has begun. And that journey has been appropriately titled Cycles 8! This Mixcomp has it all. From artists who have previously graced earlier Cycles track lists to music makers making their Cycles mark for the very first time, this 77-minute spectacle has something for just about everyone.

Max’s love for the art form of mixing and his obsession with finding new music can be heard in the hugely successful compilation series Cycles which began back in 2008. Since then the Cycles mania has certainly been one for the books as Max’s weekly radio show Cycles Radio took over the airwaves as one of the most listened to and celebrated shows in the industry, now syndicated in over 85 countries! Taking his passion for the techno, progressive, and trance genres and choosing artists who express a forward thinking and out of the box attitude are the ones whom he chooses to highlight in both his Cycles comp series and radio show alike. Cycles 8 stays true to his vision as a music tastemaker and it should come as no surprise that this mix spews excellence from start to finish.

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Max Graham – Cycles 8 Mixcomp Track List:

01. Diversion & Tania Zygar – On Your Mind (Intro Mix)
02. Christian Monique – Seven (Dimuth K Remix)
03. Max Graham – BCN
04. Conjure One – Serac (Eddie Murray Remix)
05. Phil Martyn – Come On (Quivver Remix)
06. Monojoke – Cassiopeia
07. Fluente – Mindtrip
08. Rick Pier O’Neil – Silver Line
09. Sonabit – You Have To Understand
10. Max Graham & Estiva – Generation (Club Mix)
11. Sudhaus – Initial
12. Estiva – Stiekem
13. Ben Remember – Shaker
14. Max Graham – One Hundred (Estiva Remix)
15. Max Graham – Moonchild (Tim Penner Remix)
16. Jay Hubbard – Meteorite
17. Gai Barone – Acida (Outro Mix)

Max Graham Cycles 8 Album Review:

Cycles 8 begins on a soft progressive note as Tania Zygar ushers listeners in with her hypnotic vocals with Diversion (Solid Stone) taking the reigns on the beat. Dimuth K answers back with nothing but class as listeners are taken further into the world where progressive house reigns supreme, placing his magic touch on Christian Monique’s “Seven”. Suddenly, the tides begin to change as we head into a track by Cycles own Max Graham called “BCN”. With a deep rolling bass line and a transcendent melody, it becomes clear that this mix is heading to depths that only Max could be responsible for. From this point on Cycles 8 only gets better and better as the energy builds and we are taken on a musical experience as the beats become darker and heavier with every passing moment.

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Probably my favorite part of Cycles 8 begins with Rick Pier O’Neil’s “Silver Line” all the way through Estiva’s remix of Max Graham’s “One Hundred”. This block of tech-driven tunes including everything from Sonabit’s “You Have To Understand” and Estiva’s “Stiekem” gets even grittier and more energy soaked than the last and as I am taken on the journey I find myself moving and grooving to tracks meant solely for the peak hours of the club, invoking nothing short of underground rave chaos. By now it’s time for a cool down and with everything from Tim Penner leading the way on Max Graham’s “Moonchild” to Gai Barone wrapping things up with his outro on “Acida” it is safe to say that this mix gives an intimate peek into the multifaceted and genius mind of Cycles master Max Graham. In essence, this album is the expression of everything you would expect from a live open to close set all wrapped up in beautiful mixcomp form. With its soft and easy-listening intro to its heavy tech-driven crescendo all the way to a cool down designed to whisk away the intense vibes delivered at its peak, Cycles 8 is in a class all its own.

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If you love Cycles 8 just as much as I did then you have to pick up a copy! Cycles 8 is available now for purchase and download. All you have to do is click here!

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