Saving Light

It’s only January but “Saving Light” may already be one of the top tracks of 2017!

“Saving Light” may have debuted on June 3rd during Gareth Emery‘s set at Sankey’s set but most fans became enamored with the track once Emery used it to kick off his most recent EDC Las Vegas set. Since then, it has been on heavy rotation in almost every one of Emery’s sets and there was a buzz about who could have possibly produced the track. Many, such as myself, were pretty sure it was a Craig Connelly track, however, once co-producer STANDERWICK dropped “Saving Light” during Dreamstate SoCal 2017, fans began wondering if the track was his. When Emery announced that “Saving Light” was a collaboration between himself and STANDERWICK and released via Monstercat, fans were pleasantly surprised!

Check out our interview with Gareth Emery during Groove Cruise Cabo!

“Saving Light” is both melodic and uplifting. This coupled with deep lyrics belted out by HALIENE makes it an amazingly emotional track. The video is even more powerful as it raises awareness of the effects bullying has on kids, adults, and families. This message is so very important as bullies are finding more ways than ever to harass others. In the age of the internet and social media, bullying can now occur 24/7 and feel never-ending for victims. This video makes for an inspirational and deeply moving piece that shows this but also provides hope. The video’s last frame shows this message:

Bullying is a not and should never be seen as just a part of growing up, yet up to 50% of us experience it. If you are affected by any of the issues highlighted in this video, help and support is always available for you at:

Check out Garth Emery, STANDERWICK, & HALIENE – Saving Light on YouTube:

All proceeds from streaming and downloading during the first month of release will be donated to Ditch the Label. Ditch the Label is a pro-equality and anti-bullying charity in the world that works to empower people aged 12-25 to overcome bullying.

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