The trance world was thrown into orbit last year when Ferry Corsten announced his return to the Gouryella project, an alias that had gone silent for almost 13 years! And what a way to celebrate Gouryella’s return than to release what could very possibly be the greatest trance track of all time and the longest #1 trance track in Beatport history, “Anahera“. A stunning and uplifting masterpiece that instantly shot Gouryella back into the spotlight. But, what happens next? Well, receiving such an incredible reception and realizing that he had sparked something massive, Ferry answered swiftly with his announcement that he would be touring the festival circuit this year under his Gouryella alias, giving his fans what they have been craving for years.

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“I’ve been fortunate enough to spent much of my life making music and performing that music to incredible audiences worldwide. Over the past few years I was slowly becoming disheartened with the way the sound of our scene was evolving. I felt that the heart was slowly leaving the music in favour of those big drops and I felt the fans were sensing this too. So I’m really happy that I decided to return to Gouryella. It’s really given me a chance to explore an area of music I, and I imagine many others, have always been passionate about; that emotive quality which makes a record so memorable”

-Ferry Corsten


Now, in the wake of a massive EDC weekend quickly approaching, and a Gouryella performance set to take flight at the Circuit Grounds stage, what would be better than having a brand new Gouryella track to look forward to as fans anticipate the rare and magical experience that will unfold when Gouryella takes the stage. The buzz began when just the other day Ferry Corsten posted a teaser on Facebook that a new Gouryella track was set to drop on the 13th of June. This track would be the follow-up to “Anahera”. Its name is “Neba“, meaning heaven in Slovak, and its impact will be nothing short of epic.

On his post he stated, “This is something I’m very excited about. The last weeks I noticed more and more people asking me via socials; Ferry will we get a new Gouryella this year? Well, the wait is over. This is the official follow-up to Anahera; ‪#‎NEBA‬. I will premiere the extended version on ‪#‎CorstensCountdown‬ this week, so don’t forget to tune in this Wednesday at 8PM CEST via!” And with that announcement social media began to buzz about the upcoming release and what was up next for this trance guru.

Already bringing his fans to tears after delivering stunning performances as Gouryella in Melbourne, Sydney, Beyond Wonderland, and EDC New York, his momentum continues with EDC Las Vegas next on the list. And you can count on “Neba” to be on his track list. Until the official release date on the 13th of June, Ferry Corsten has graciously released a preview for all of his fans to enjoy.  Coming off of a track like “Anahera”, “Neba” certainly has a lot to live up to. In my opinion, this track is packed full of beauty and contains all the important elements that should be present in a true uplifting trance track. “Anahera” was the grand reveal and “Neba” is the continuation of an incredible story that paints a picture of love, purity, happiness, and imagination. Its classic Gouryella in every way and the next chapter in his game changing project!

Without further ado, enjoy Ferry Corsten Presents Gouryella – “Neba” on SoundCloud:

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