Opiuo Gives Us a Dose of “Dopamine” Ahead of Upcoming Album


Opiuo delivers “Dopamine,” the second single off his forthcoming album A Shape Of Sound, and paired it with a music video!

Opiuo is a force to be reckoned with in the music scene, and he’s only further proven his abilities this year. Following the release of “Gravitate” with Jordan Dennis and CloZee remixing the tune, he now has dropped the second single off his forthcoming album, Shape Of Sound, called “Dopamine” for fans to feast on. Out now via his label, Slurp Music, this infectious new tune carries energy with pulsing beats that launch you into Opiuo’s deep groove and signature funky drum style.

Creeping into the listener’s minds with a classic arpeggiating drum beat, that leads into a drop that will have you falling face-first into the deep synths, it will quickly enamor anyone who presses play. The synth patterns are spine-chilling, with their pattern of keeping the beat alive while having twists and turns of all sorts of ascending and descending waves and loops of melodies. Additionally, the vocals from his wife, Najee, help give off a warehouse vibe, giving that extra dose of ‘dopamine’ to the tune.

For all those looking to transport to a fog-filled club with prismatic lasers and echoing vocals, this tune encapsulates just that. And to further add to the ambiance of the track, Opiuo paired it with a music video that fits it flawlessly with its ’90s VHS aesthetic and stars Najee as well.

‘Dopamine’ is such a special one to me! Appearing on the song and in the video is my amazing wifey for lifey Naajee. Having her on the big screen behind me as I play this song all over the world is truly incredible. The song came about relatively quickly too. I wanted an intense yet cheeky, almost familiar dance floor number. Something to make you move and smile at the exact same time. I had a rough idea and just ran with it, wrote the lyrics, and recorded my voice (which didn’t work), so I asked Naajee to have a go, and she got it perfect straight away! It’s become the funnest song to play live in my recent sets. I’m so excited for the world to have it!


Watch the music video for “Dopamine” on YouTube, download or stream the track on your preferred platform, and keep a lookout for his new album Shape Of Sound, dropping in August!

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Opiuo Dopamine

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