The Anonymous ÅNDfØLK Stop by For a Chat


ÅNDfØLK may be mysterious but they’ve offered us the lowdown on their recent track, “Black Cat,” their future outlook, and more!

There isn’t much that we know about house and techno outfit, ÅNDfØLK, besides the fact that since the release of “Faces” alongside Housekeeping, these humans (or maybe aliens or cyborgs) have been tuned in deeply to the pulse of the underground. Labeled as a project that “allows people to see with their minds what they cannot see with their eyes,” ÅNDfØLK is scooping up the attention of music fans across the globe, receiving millions of streams on Spotify alone.

They’ve also made it clear that by avoiding putting their personal information out into the universe they can eradicate the chance of people flocking to them solely based on their image, allowing their music to speak for itself. Just take a listen to “Black Cat,” and you’ll quickly realize that image truly doesn’t matter when you have a breezy organic soundscape urging your feet to glide around without a care in the world.

With the future looking very interesting for these enigmatic music makers, go ahead and press play on ÅNDfØLK’s latest release below, and continue on for our chat where we tap into the details behind their current tune. In addition, don’t forget to pre-order their forthcoming release, “Tama,” landing on Caramel Records on July 29, 2022!

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Hi ÅNDfØLK, thanks so much for chatting with us today. While there is a shroud of mystery behind this project to let the music speak for itself, can you share what drew you to the deeper soundscapes in the realm of house music?

Thanks so much for having us! Yes, of course, it’s the sound that we are most drawn to as producers and what we like to play out sometimes – not always 🙂

It’s pretty clear that the mission you’ve set out on has already seen success, as Spotify’s Friday Cratediggers and Apple Music have picked up your tunes for their playlists. Has this felt validating? Do you feel that more artists should pursue this path?

It’s lovely when people like and support our music, for sure it makes us feel that all the hard work is worthwhile. Every artist has to find the path that suits them best. Music resonates for so many different reasons and in so many ways it allows people to create and listen in wildly alternative situations. Ultimately authenticity is the key for us.

Your recent tune, “Black Cat,” is an absolute stunner that’s dripping with rich, evocative elements. There’s just enough energy to get you moving on the dancefloor, but atmospheric qualities also offer a sense of serenity. When you’re sitting down in the studio, what influences the journey you set off to create?

Thank you for the kind words 🙂 Literally, anything can spark creativity. Love is a classic… We can go for months on a solid breakup; ) On the other hand, we can be inspired by the cosmos, space goats, and panda sharks. A wise man once said, “nothing is wrong, it is purely subjective.” So stick to what you like and trust others will like it too 🙂

Diving deeper into your production process of “Black Cat” and your previous tunes like “Magnetic,” what’s your typical flow like when creating a track? Do you have a specific DAW or other equipment you prefer to use?

Ableton is our weapon of choice. It’s built for electronic music and helps keep the workflow moving in a super productive way. Then all the standard VSTs you’d imagine, a couple of analog synthesizers, Roland TR8s, and a few secret VSTs we’ve discovered that help creates a pallet to play with. However, the trick, as always, is less is more. If you get it right you don’t need to overlay too much.

Finally, since we’re halfway through the year, where does AndFolk plan to go in the rest of 2022 and beyond? Do you have any plans on taking the stage in the future to play your tunes live?

We’ve actually got the strongest release schedule we’ve had since we started. In the second half of the year, we’re dropping a track almost every month. There are some bombs and some beauty, and it will be super interesting to see the reactions. This project is incredibly dear to us so we only want to play out when the right gig comes up.

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