Moog Debuts Moog Sound Studio with ‘Explorations in Analog Synthesis’

Moog Sound Studio

Moog Sound Studio, the new all-in-one synthesizer from Moog, is the perfect palette for this remarkable work featuring Bonobo, Ela Minus, and more.

Moog Music, a legendary leader in creating industry-standard analog synthesizers, has dropped its most user-first product line yet: Moog Sound Studio. An all-in-one synthesizer station, Moog Sound Studio is designed so all you need to do is ‘just add headphones’ to enter the world of self-created soundscapes. Geared towards newcomers to sound design and seasoned pros alike, this easy-to-use bundled package includes all the equipment, accessories, and educational resources for you to plug and play.

To showcase the true power of this sonic palette, Moog has taken their launch a step further by also creating a companion album, Explorations in Analog Synthesis. Featuring genre-bending pioneers like Bonobo, Ela Minus, Julianna Barwick, and more, this compilation truly is a feat of ‘exploration.’

Explorations in Analog Synthesis is a fascinating delve into the mind of each artist, as each draws from the same wellspring of inspiration while yielding a totally different musical experience. Bonobo brings us a trippy and delightful tune that shows off his orchestral yet finely detailed style. On the other hand, Peter CottonTale and Jamila Woods deliver a synth-pop track with catchy lyrics that will revolve around your head all day long.

Further contrasting, artists like Dan Deacon, Madame Gandhi, and Ela Minus provide driving, experimental songs replete with more unorthodox melodic and rhythmic patterns. Though all artists on this compilation used the Moog Sound Studio to create their works, each also customized their synthesizer stations with their own instrument and accessory preferences.

Listen to Explorations in Analog Synthesis on SoundCloud below and/or purchase your own Moog Sound Studio by finding your nearest Moog dealer, and read on below to learn more about the new synthesizer from Moog Music!

Stream Various Artists – Explorations in Analog Synthesis on SoundCloud:

Moog Sound Studio’s customization options and friendly educational tools reflect Moog’s commitment to the needs of the synthesizer community.

Every Moog Sound Studio user has the choice between the Mother-32 & DFAM and Subharmonicon & DFAM bundles. The Mother-32 is the classic choice, providing those signature deep Moog bassline, synth leads, and wonderful raw analog noise. More experimental-leaning users searching for more granular textures and sounds might instead prefer the Subharmonicon option. No matter which synthesizer station you choose, each offers an endless plain of remarkable sonic journeys.

Recognizing that many of Moog Sound Studio’s customers will be first-time sound designers, Moog went the extra step to commission custom artwork from illustrators Jim Stoten and Philip Lindeman as educational tools. Utilizing quirky and colorful anthropomorphic animal characters, friendly-looking graphic diagrams, and overall playful design concepts, both Stoten and Lindeman create a stress-free learning environment. In a creative world where the first steps to mastering hardware can be the most daunting, these illustrations will help you leapfrog over any obstacles standing in your way to re-‘sound’-ing success.

If COVID has made anything clear, it is the power of DIY. By providing this new all-in-one synthesizer line, Moog is putting even more power back into the hands of creators. Lowering these barriers to entry, and thereby empowering new generations of artists to harness their untapped potential, is critical for the long-term health of the producer community. Even more than other genres of music, electronic music production is inextricably intertwined with technological development. With inventors like Moog keeping an eye on the health of the synthesizer industry, at least one sector can rest easy. What comes next? We don’t know but we can’t wait to find out.

Head over to Moog’s YouTube channel to learn more about the Moog Sound Studio!

Various Artists – Explorations in Analog Synthesis – Tracklist:

  1. Bonobo – Famonicon
  2. Julianna Barwick – Open
  3. Peter CottonTale feat. Jamila Woods – Breathe My Name
  4. Dan Deacon – Green Heart
  5. Madame Gandhi – Bending Time
  6. Martial Canterel – Decouple
  7. Ela Minus – Mothers Make Mistakes
Moog Sound Studio Explorations in Analog Synthesis

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