Zafite Causes a Stir with New Album, ‘Surrender Part II’


Australian bass producer Zafite is making his mark on the scene and calls upon some friends with the release of his new album, Surrender Part II.

Zafite is an up-and-coming midtempo and bass producer from Australia who is making his mark in the music industry. Earlier this year, he dropped his latest body of work, Surrender, and now he’s returned with a second helping on Surrender Part II. This fresh release features 14 tracks that include some new originals, along with remixes and VIPs for his fans to feast on.

Zafite kicks off the album by introducing three original tracks. The opening track, “Another Time,” transports listeners to another dimension with its drum cadence leading up to a dynamic drop. He then switches gears when transitioning into a heavy dubstep track with “BEGINNING.” From there, Zafite then dives into “Lights,” a melodic midtempo track that has a hint of a euphoric essence.

The Australian adds another level of flare with the VIP edits of original tracks from Surrender. “HOLD ME DOWN VIP” starts off on a heavy foot with an energetic drum and bass beat, that style is also found on “FALLING VIP” as listeners are engulfed with powerful, yet quick drops. Zafite also combines “Letting Go” and “In The Dark” to create the perfect balance of a midtempo dubstep ensemble, while the VIP edit of “Save Me” concludes the album by highlighting notable vocals from the original track with futuristic synths.

Beyond his own skills, Zafite looked to other talented producers that display their own on the highest level. One remix that stood out among the rest arrives just after the new tunes as ZIN puts his spin on “Leaving.” This producer switched up his style to melodic dubstep for this track and takes listeners on a journey throughout its runtime. He maintains the original structure, yet blends in two powerful drops to make quite an impact on anyone who listens.

Other remixes that stood out include “At Its Thinnest” which received a mind-bending twist from Mudgumbo, along with Primary Being who continues the midtempo style on “MONSTER” and Oska Zervoudakis jumps to drum and bass with a touch up of “Letting Go.” Ryse Above All blends in plenty of unique elements while delivering his spin of “In The Dark.”

For those who call the dancefloor home, Data Roaming takes on “PSYCHOPATH” to flip it with some house for those quick on their feet and looking to shuffle. The final remix comes from SUNBEAMS with a take on “Stargazing” that will transport listeners to another dimension by blending future pop synths along with the underlying beat.

Surrender Part II highlights Zafite’s production skills along with other artists that are rising to their moments in the spotlight. Listen to the album on Spotify or your favorite streaming platform, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

Zafite- Surrender Part II on Spotify:

Zafite – Surrender Part II – Tracklist:

  1. Another Time
  3. Lights
  4. Leaving – ZIN Remix
  5. At Its Thinnest – Mudgumbo Remix
  7. MONSTER – Primary Being Remix
  9. Letting Go – Oska Zervoudakis Remix
  10. In The Dark – Ryse Above All Remix
  11. Letting Go / In The Dark VIP
  12. PSYCHOPATH – Date Roaming Remix
  13. Stargazing – SUNBEAMS Remix
  14. Save Me VIP

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