Pig&Dan Want to ‘Rock You All Night’


Pig&Dan have unleashed a classy throwback to the old-school Chicago and NYC scenes with their latest EP, Rock You All Night!

It’s wild to realize that Pig&Dan have been crushing the scene for two decades. They met on a flight back in 1999, the same year that Dan Duncan was wowing crowds at Ministry Of Sound and Igor Tchkotoua (Pig) was producing music under his Tropic 39 moniker. But, it wasn’t until a second chance meeting in 2001 that these two would begin to realize their fate. After enjoying time together on the wild island of Ibiza, their demo “Oh Yeah” was released on Cocoon, and Pig&Dan was officially created.

Flash forward to 2022, and we celebrate their dynamic history with Rock You All Night. To get your body grooving the dynamic duo has made their way over to Damian Lazarus’ imprint, Crosstown Rebels, packed with two funky fresh beats, created as an ode to the United States heritage house scene of Chicago and NYC. In fact, if we dig a little deeper, Rock You All Night plays on the memories of a young Dan and Igor, growing up in the flashy disco era of the ’70s.

Rock You All Night” begins with a slick low octave thump as the vocal soulfully rolls its way in. There’s an essence of divine consistency throughout this piece, allowing the listener to shut off their brain and grab onto the groove. As the bass-drenched synth and vocal playfully weave in and out of one another, you may notice your hips begin to twist in appreciation. You’ll also love when the ear-tickling guitar riff slides in, adding yet another colorful layer to this dazzling work of dance floor art.

It’s now time to “Let Yourself Unwind” as Pig&Dan take you on a euphoric journey back in time. You’re met with a whole lot of sassy attitude with the pluck of the bass string before the crisp disco clap steals the atmosphere. Once the ultra-cool vocal loop drops in you’ll be bopping and weaving straight out of the house to celebrate dance culture under the warmth of the spring sun. In summary, both of these tracks remind us all that we need to hold on tight to our roots and try to take life a little less seriously.

Our focus has always been about pushing the sonic envelope and spreading our musical wings out as far as possible. We both share the fact that we lived in the United States in the ‘70s and had huge influences from this era in particular. This EP resonates deeply with our upbringing and very much reflects our artistic versatility. We’re responsible for assisting people to momentarily let go and try to leave the day to day grind behind, whilst getting lost in our music.”

– Pig&Dan

Grab your copy of Rock You All Night on Beatport, stream the EP below, and let us know what you think of the music in the comment section!

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