Mazare Shares Cinematic EP, ‘Wide Awake and Dreaming’


Mazare makes his way back to Ophelia Records with his energizing and emotional EP, Wide Awake and Dreaming.

Since he made his debut, Massimo Pezzetta, known by his moniker Mazare, has been primed to take over the melodic drum and bass landscape with his relentless spark and drive. He first emerged in 2017 on the esteemed Spinnin’ Records label and has since drawn support from other labels like Monstercat, Seeking Blue, Gud Vibrations, and more. Most recently, the Italian DJ/producer launched his own radio show The Paracosm on Insomniac Radio.

Mazare first appeared on Seven LionsOphelia Records with his single “Hear Me Now.” As he continues to make his name known, he also makes his return to the label – this time, with the Wide Awake and Dreaming EP, which boasts a number of vocal talents and features original artwork created by Mazare himself.

This EP merges two of my favourite electronic genres – drum and bass and melodic dubstep – and I feel lucky because I had the chance to work with some of my favorite artists, who infused a lot of personality into these songs.


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Wide Awake and Dreaming features beautiful sonic landscapes with staggering contributions from various artists.

The EP begins with the cinematic, drawn out notes of the song “Otherside,” with contributions from AMIDY. As AMIDY’s vocals layer over the ambient, airy notes, the synths rapidly bounce as the drum beat slowly makes its way to the foreground. It’s an emotional affair as the song erupts into its drop. “Otherside” features a flurry of stunning melodies and hard-hitting beats dancing together in a way that makes it apparent why Mazare and the EP have found their home on Ophelia Records. The highlight appears as the song’s second drop thunders with drum and bass that neatly ties the music into its calmer moments.

For the EP’s second song, Mazare taps Monika Santucci to contribute to the dreamy atmosphere. “Lifeline” opens with a cascade of Santucci’s vocals harmonizing to the feel-good notes. As the song continues, Mazare subverts all expectations of a drop in favor of a quick deluge of synths before exploding with striking beats. Even during parts of the song where percussive elements are almost entirely absent, the two keep the energy turned up.

Mazare and Fiora’s Wide Awake” leans towards the more serene aspects of the EP, and takes its time building momentum. It’s a slow arrival to the drop, but it makes the journey all the more worth it as the music pours in with a stream of high energy. Fiora’s vocals work in tandem with the musical production to deliver a passionate surge of pure ecstasy.

Sleepwalker” with The Arcturians brings the most cinematic moments of the EP and captures the definition of beauty. Strings and The Arcturians’ airy vocals blend together to create an almost haunting sound, which makes it all the more captivating when the drop takes a darker turn, reminiscent of the jarring feeling of falling in a dream.

Mazare’s Wide Awake and Dreaming has all the elements of being an emotional but highly danceable body of work. While it’s common to plug in earphones, listen to music on repeat, and quickly grow tired of hearing the same thing, Mazare’s EP will prove the opposite. Each run through the four songs gives the listener something new to explore with its maximalist sound. From the variations in vocals to the heavenly ambience and barrage of beats, getting lost in Mazare’s music is like a visceral journey through a different world, where each stop is as beautiful as the last without compromising individuality.

Mazare – Wide Awake and Dreaming – Tracklist:

  1. “Otherside” with AMIDY
  2. “Lifeline” with Monika Santucci
  3. “Wide Awake” with Fiora
  4. “Sleepwalker” with The Arcturians
Mazare - Wide Awake And Dreaming

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