Liquid Stranger Finds ‘Balance’ on New Album

Liquid Stranger

WAKAAN wizard Liquid Stranger fulfills his fans’ dreams with the release of his album Balance that’s filled to the brim with hypnotic sounds.

If there’s any artist keeping the consistency of their sound while taking it to new levels, Liquid Stranger has been one of the key players in the modern bass movement. Known for creating soundscapes that infuse classic dubstep flares with unique twists along with blended synths and samples, it’s hard to resist catching a vibe to his music. The WAKAAN founder has shown his fans he’s in it for the long run and is here bring the unpredictable, and now he’s gifted them with his latest studio album, Balance.

Those who attended his nationwide sold-out “Balance” tour got a tease of these tunes on a proper sound system, which only heightened the hype waiting for this new era to finally drop. Balance is a special collection with astronomical levels of intricate production, showcasing Liquid Stranger’s talent for crafting stories within his listener’s minds. This album takes on all eras of his discography – from the ambient flow music of his early works to the heavy-hitting selections of recent days – and marries them together as a final form for this master musician.

From tracks like “Take a Trip” that bring out the funk levels and heavy hits to “Flashback” tugging on heartstrings, there is a song in this collection made for every listener. Featuring collabs with artists like LSDream, Wreckno, PIERCE, and Love, Alexa, Balance encompasses the vision of the future of bass music as we know it, and how impactful Liquid Stranger is to that very vision.

Listen to Balance on Spotify or your preferred platform, read on for the standout tracks from the new album, and let us know your favorites in the comments!

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Balance blasts listeners off with “Super Jam,” featuring that signature, otherworldly Liquid Stranger sound.

Easing in with choral-like synths, “Space Jam” playfully showcases a conversation between the punching bass and clever vocal samples. Liquid Stranger builds tension in a classic bass style with what can only be described as a ‘spaceship ride’ drop, with dimensions of smooth yet funkified musical layers. Following effortlessly, “Higher” keeps that same punching bassline with heavier hip-hop elements. This tune specifically does a great job delivering his talent in using vocal samples layered over the bassline itself, moving the feeling of the song along in a unique way.

“Take A Trip” with LSDream is a psychedelic journey in itself, blending the talents of both artists into one cutthroat track.

Take A Trip” will pick you up and drop you into another universe. The build-up leads to a searing bass drop engulfing you in drumlines and soaring melodic flares, only to then drop you in another mind-bending frequency modulation. There is so much to experience in this track from LSDream and Liquid Stranger, whether it’s to dance your head off or to analyze every production trick.

Bezerk” starts off easy with some vintage video game sounds and a sprinkling of funky ragga, before it’s blended all together for a heavy-hitter fit for an accompanying laser show. The kick drums are balanced just right with the ascending and descending bass, in a simple yet straight-to-the-point way. Then, “Low” will throw you for a loop with its gorgeous intro of angelic string synths, creeping drumlines, and sonic soundscape elements that make you feel you’re in the center of everything. The global fusion style mixed with the hip-hop flares is an interesting blend that’s enjoyable, however, the drop itself is not as hard-hitting as others on the album.

“Holla” with Wreckno gave me high hopes – and it did not disappoint.

Wreckno is one of the hottest artists in the scene right now and “Holla” features insane rhymes and addictive bass. This song was a trip from start to finish – an ultimate collaboration between the two with Liquid’s stylistic bassline and Wreckno’s vocals. This is another track that you can expect the crowd to go absolutely wild to when played live.

Mission Control” with PIERCE sees cinematic elements added into the mix that create a galactic journey from start to finish. There are so many cool elements in this track, with mystifying bass levels bringing a unique twist to this track, paired with specially curated samples that mimick a trip to the cosmos. This is a very unique blend of PIERCE’s style of powerful and low deep dubstep style, with Liquid’s cinematic soundscape production. “Shake” is a funky tune filled with vibrating basslines, bringing back the dance party after the previous ride. This didn’t stand out to me as much as some other tunes on the album, but it has an irresistible rhythm that’ll pair well with a sound system.

Keeping the energy alive, “Hi Grade” has an effortless groove paired with a standout melodic theme.

Hi Grade” encapsulates the sound Liquid Stranger is known for in the scene. His signature bassline is encompassed by beautifully placed melodic elements, with scatters of all sorts of samples that keep it balanced. The complex sound design and undeniable, infectious rhythm make this a WAKAAN banger that’s a soon-to-be classic.

Busy” will keep you on your toes and a smile on your face the entire time with its beautiful synth harmonies paired with old-school glitch-hop stylistic elements. You’ll feel like a video game character floating through the atmosphere when this one graces your speakers. Following that, “Dreams” brings the heavy vibe back to the table with glitchy, grinding 8-bit bass samples. There are clever moments of vocal manipulation that pan all throughout the environment of the song, paying homage to dreaming big, no matter where you are.

The two closing tracks “Keep It Up” and “Flashback” bring the Balance journey to a close yet keep the energy alive.

Keep it Up” is a refreshing take from the overall sound of the album, with a continuous punching bassline, transporting you to a laser-filled dancefloor in the middle of a music festival. There is something nostalgic about this tune, which will make you appreciate Liquid Stanger’s musical diversity that much more. It’s all about creating an environment for your listener, and this song did just that.

Finally, “Flashback” is a gorgeous take on an acoustic ballad and features captivating vocals from Love, Alexa. This is the perfect closing tune, with an unexpected surprise. The presence of the acoustics, even throughout the bass drop, keeps the heartstring-tugging consistent throughout the entire experience. Listen to this tune with your eyes closed and headphones on for an experience in itself.

The story told by the Balance album is one that is familiar, yet totally unique to every listener that takes it on.

Overall, this album encapsulates the development and metamorphosis of Liquid Stranger as an artist, with the outstanding sound design and music production his tunes feature nowadays. Despite having already high expectations as a longtime fan, I was still finding my jaw on the floor at the twists and turns this album took me on. Although I believe many of these tunes are absolutely soul-engulfing to hear live, the experience of taking the time to hear each track’s story from start to finish was unmatched.

Liquid Stranger – Balance – Tracklist:

  1. Super Jam
  2. Higher
  3. Take A Trip (feat. LSDREAM)
  4. Berserk
  5. Low
  6. Holla (feat. Wreckno) 
  7. Mission Control (feat. PIERCE)
  8. Shake
  9. Hi Grade
  10. Busy
  11. Dreams
  12. Keep it Up
  13. Flashback (feat. Love, Alexa)
Liquid Stranger Balance

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