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Lost Frequencies
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Lost Frequencies swung by to chat about “Where Are You Now,” his upcoming sets at Tomorrowland, and what fans can expect in 2022!

Belgian DJ and producer Lost Frequencies has quickly become a global phenom in the dance music scene with a plethora of chart-topping hits and stunning performances. From originals like “Are You With Me,” “Reality“, and “What Is Love” to his remix of Major Lazer, , and Justin Bieber’s Cold Water,” he’s no stranger to creating music that resonates with people across the world.

More recently, Lost Frequencies teamed up with British singer-songwriter Callum Scott to craft up another fantastic tune called “Where Are You Now.” Already receiving praise from tastemakers and fans alike, the track also has an accompanying music video that you need to see for yourself. Beyond that, Lost Frequencies has a busy year ahead with performances at Tomorrowland Winter this month and their main edition during the summer, as well as other appearances at festivals like Creamfields in Chile, Rock Werchter in Belgium, and Sunice Festival in Switzerland.

There is certainly no slowing down this incredible producer who clearly has his finger on the pulse of the dance music scene. It’s clear that whatever Lost Frequencies touches turns to gold and with the new year underway we jumped at the chance to reconnect with him and hear what’s in store for 2022.

Check out the music video for “Where Are You Now” on YouTube, read on for the full conversation with Lost Frequencies, and be sure to follow him on social media to stay up to date with everything he is working on in 2022!

Watch the music video for “Where Are You Now” on YouTube:

Hey Felix, it’s good to catch up with you and thank you for taking the time to chat with us again. You just played at EDC Mexico and “Where Are You Now” has gone platinum, congrats! How has 2022 been treating you so far?

Thanks, guys! Yeah, it’s been a crazy start to 2022 – “Where Are You Now” really caught momentum over the winter and really seemed to resonate with my fans, and then the international pick-up really went crazy! To receive everyone’s well wishes and messages of how much they love the track has been amazing and the support has been a great start to the year. EDC Mexico was a lot of fun. I played on the main stage to 55,000 people and Mexico is always one of my favorite countries to visit. The audience always shows me a good time and I can’t wait to get back out on the road again.

This year will see you return to the stage at Tomorrowland Winter in the Alps and the main edition of Tomorrowland in Belgium with a live performance. What can fans expect from your upcoming sets? Are you excited to get back to these beloved festivals?

Yes, of course! Tomorrowland, both in Summer and Winter, is my favorite event on my calendar. Especially with Tomorrowland Winter finally returning after a two-year break. I’ll be playing some original tracks of my own, some of my favorite festival edits both of my own and from other artists that I know can get the crowds having fun. I’ll also be bringing my Lost Frequencies Live set back to Tomorrowland in the summer which makes me so happy. To bring that concept to the Tomorrowland stage last time felt phenomenal.

Your most recent release, “Where Are You Now,” is an absolute stunner. This tune also received a remix from Kungs, and you’ve also done your fair share of remixes, what are the keys to producing a remix that does the original production justice?

Thanks! Yeah, Valentin, Kungs, is a great buddy of mine. We always support each other and dig each other’s tunes and I also did a remix for him on his track “Never Going Home.” I take each remix as its own but I always want to honor the original sound of the artist or track I’m remixing, but also put a spin on it that brings out the sound I like to create. That could be something more tropical, more indie-dance, or like “Never Going Home,” something more.

Both “Where Are You Now” and “Rise” have accompanying music videos. What is your favorite thing about bringing your music to life visually?

With “Where Are You Now” being the most recent, I really enjoyed that – I was super happy that Calum Scott who does the vocal could be involved, too. I always want the visuals to reflect the vibe of the track, from the mood boards and planning to the execution of everything like color palettes. We went soft with textures and colors also on “Where Are You Now”, but we then incorporated these really cool camera transitions to add an edge. I want the visuals to ultimately pair with the music in the best possible way for all the music I release.

Beyond the music, you recently launched Ocus Organic Gin as well. What led to this love for Gin and do you have a favorite drink recipe you can share with us?

Yes, Ocus Gin recently just turned one year old! I’ve always been a fan of gin and we had talked about the potential of launching something for a while and last year felt like the perfect time. When everyone needed a pick-up or a wind-down, what better accompaniment to relax with? I like a classic Gin & Tonic, especially with a premium gin such as Ocus that is organic and botanical, not much else is needed!

Finally, what goals do you hope to achieve in 2022? Can fans expect more tunes in the coming months?

I’m working on new music that will hopefully be coming out in the spring and I’m just so happy with the success of “Where Are You Now” that I hope the fans not only continue to enjoy that but what else is next to come. Right now, I’m also focusing a lot on upcoming dates as 2022 is set to be the busiest year I’ve had in a while, especially being able to safely travel now and play my music out live back to all my fans – I also have a super special announcement coming next week that will be announced on all my channels. Excited to dance with everyone again soon!

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