Mikey Lion and Andreas Henneberg Drop-In on the ‘Surfliner’ EP

Mikey Lion Andreas Henneberg - Surfliner EP

Experience the wild soundscapes that Mikey Lion and Andreas Henneberg create as they tag-team the two-track Surfliner EP!

Desert Hearts keeps the vibrancy of their sound alive with beats perfect for the warmer months of the year and continues to win over the hearts of house and techno lovers alike. Now, one of Desert Hearts’ masterminds, Mikey Lion, has teamed up with Berlin-based artist Andreas Henneberg to create some serious magic and catch some sound waves on the two-track Surfliner EP.

While anyone in the Desert Hearts family should know Mikey Lion, Andreas Henneberg is also no stranger to the beloved brand as well with releases like the No Communication EP. He continues to innovate and infuse his minimal techno and house production and now fans and tastemakers alike will no longer have to wait for these two to take the rhythm of the night to refreshing waters!

The title track “Surfliner” kicks off the EP in a riveting way. The deep pulsations of the kick drums and hi-hats phase the mind into the present waters of the cooling yet salty sea with vocoder effects on the male vocals. The sustained pads teeter to keep a melody that leaves the mouth salivating for more. Subduing the theme, unique elements pop into listeners’ minds like ping pong balls ricocheting their love of music off the walls as the bassline tapers off into the deep end of the sea.

Up next, whirling sub frequencies bubble up with energy and humourous vocals poke at the idea of what a “The Tortilla Wrap” is. This one offers up lightheartedness forever kept on the dancefloor and is sure to bring plenty of laughs to share with friends. As the listening comes to a close, all you need to do to keep your heart refreshed for more is to add water, or maybe your favorite snack to keep pressing replay for some time to come.

Listen to the Surfliner EP on Spotify or your preferred platform, and let us know what you think about this lighthearted release from Mikey Lion and Andreas Henneberg on Desert Hearts in the comments!

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Mikey Lion Andreas Henneberg - Surfliner EP

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