Desert Hearts Drops Newest Andreas Henneberg EP, ‘No Communication’

Andreas Henneberg

Andreas Henneberg flexes his highly regarded production skills on the latest EP released on Desert Hearts, No Communication!

Desert Hearts has released its latest project, the No Communication EP from chief audio engineer and longtime supporter, Andreas Henneberg; showing the music community once again that their team is rife with distinguished talent. From the quirky vocal samples to the groovy basslines, this two-track tech house EP will get you reaching for your closest speakers.

Henneberg draws from his own style and mastering skills to add a trippy yet mature twist to these dance floor anthems. Whether you are looking for the perfect soundtrack for your backyard BBQ or something to transport you from your rave cave to a warehouse, this project will deliver exactly what you need. Listening to both tracks, they undoubtedly found their perfect home among the Desert Hearts catalog.

Listen to the No Communication EP on Spotify below, download or stream it on your favorite platform, and read on for my full review of this release from Desert Hearts!

Stream Andreas Henneberg – No Communication EP on Spotify:

Henneberg’s titular track “No Communication” calls out to listeners that the party has started.

This certified tune is the epitome of fun yet tasteful. It interlaces male vocal samples like “I’m tripping,” “on acid,” and “no crashing” with a tech house bassline. Halfway through the seven-minute track, we are introduced to a punchy call-and-response sequence that sounds like something between a bird call and circus horns, amplifying the psychedelic effect of the song. Altogether, it creates the perfect lighthearted entry into the EP.

“Carolina” brings the party from day into night with its darker vibe and more minimal structure.

Listening to “Carolina” immediately brings to mind the grittier textures of a warehouse environment. While still tech house at its core, “Carolina” features subtler sound design and a heavier bassline, providing contrast to the opening track on the EP. It really is no wonder that this pair of tracks has regularly received love on Desert Hearts TV, the collective’s live stream programming which takes place Wednesday through Sunday night every week.

No Communication

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