Metta & Glyde Uplifts Souls with Their Trance Mix for This Is Home

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UK-based trance duo Metta & Glyde is looking to take the world by storm and spins a mix to showcase their impressive sound.

With a modern-day take on that classic trance sound, Metta & Glyde are a perfect blend of new and old that’s both refreshing and exciting. They aren’t afraid to take risks and effortlessly glide between and blend rolling bass, techy drums, and emotive melodies – and where they shine brightest is in the uplifting, emotional, and energetic side of trance.

Metta & Glyde have carved out their space in the trance scene with releases on labels including Future Sound of Egypt (FSOE), Regenerate Records, and Nocturnal Knights. Additionally, they’ve collaborated with artists such as Sean Tyas while remixing tracks such as Talla 2XLC’s The World In My Eyes,” David Gravell and Corti Organ’s Bliss,” and Ferry Tayle and Clara Yates’Find Your Paradise.” They recently dropped their latest single, “Twin Flame,” which saw the duo team up with legendary artist Ronski Speed to help trance family members kick off the year properly.

With their previous releases setting the tone and plenty more to come from the duo in the coming year, it’s clear that Metta & Glyde are set for some serious success in the scene. Further, it’s amazing when artists give back to the scene, and Metta & Glyde have done just that with MAG Signature Sound – a space that offers quality resources to help trance artists around the globe.

We feel very fortunate to be part of the UK trance scene. The crowd here is made up of trance lovers who are truly passionate about the music and are always a huge source of energy and inspiration to us. Covid-19 has prompted the scene to focus on featuring more local headliners on lineups and the crowd here has shown its support for both established brands and new club events that have been showcasing the amazing local talent we have on offer.

As much as we love playing for larger events and festivals, some of the smaller, more underground events provide an intimate connection with the crowd that we thoroughly enjoy – this is one aspect of the UK scene that we appreciate the most.

Metta & Glyde

Now, as we begin to dive deeper into 2022, they’ve spun up a mix to help showcase the thriving trance community in the United Kingdom. Check it out on SoundCloud, download or stream their latest single with Ronski Speed on your preferred platform, and follow Metta & Glyde on social media to stay in the know!

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