Luttrell Delivers ‘Music For My Memories’ on Anjunadeep


Anjunadeep favorite Luttrell shines brightly on his third album, Music For My Memories, with “Keep The Night,” “Snoop Dawk,” and more.

Luttrell has been steadily rising through melodic and progressive house ranks and has only continued to elevate his sound over the years. Now, the time has now arrived to unlock the next chapter for his emotive and passionately fueled dance music to the delight of fans around the globe as he delivers his best work yet on Music For My Memories on Anjunadeep. This release ties the previous installments of his illustrious EP series together to take listeners on an auditory journey through the depths of his mind.

Music For My Memories delivers 28 tracks over two discs, as Luttrell provides a mixed and standard play approach to his latest body of work. While the entire project has been meticulously crafted and well-polished from top to bottom, a few tracks shine brightly from the pack. As we take a closer look at Music For My Memories, prepare your senses for total sonic immersion as Luttrell is here to stay. 

Opening the portal into this otherworldly album is “Memories Into / Dream Machine.” Luttrell’s signature synths and powerful basslines ignite the vibes as we are and running. “Ex Nihilo” holds its weight as its direct Latin translation signifies the creation of something out of nothing. Musically, this symbolizes the creation of Music For My Memories and the beauty of the track at that. Soon after, the third track, “Keep The Night,” stays true to Luttrell’s highly refined production style as his melodic mastery permeates the album. 

While the entire release comes as a shining example of how far Luttrell has come as an artist, a few tracks shine a little brighter from the bunch. The club vibes take over on “Snoop Dawk” and “Just A Dream” as we find a welcomed boost in energy to the front half of the album. If you find yourself craving those dreamy, space-age soundscapes that have become a hallmark of Luttrell, then be sure not to miss “Another World” and “Breakfast on Mars” for a healthy dose of intergalactic adventure. 

As we enter the latter half of Music For My Memories, Luttrell continues to tug on the heartstrings as “Water Level” flows effortlessly into “Operation Midnight” for a one-two punch of provocative and emotionally-charged dance ballads. In the final throws of this glorious body of work an easy favorite comes in “More Than Human.” This festival-ready banger that is Luttrell at his absolute best, powerful progressive synths, soul-shaking bass, and a genuinely cathartic drop that is utterly impossible not to move to.

The future is bright for Luttrell and Music For My Memories is his most substantial work to date. If this is any indication of what lies ahead for the esteemed producer, then fans around the globe will continue to see his name rise to the top of the world’s most prestigious lineups. Nonetheless, Luttrell has defined his one-of-a-kind sound as a beautifully melodic brand of progressive techno that few other producers hold a flame to. We can’t wait to catch these fresh tracks live as he takes Music For My Memories on the road this December. 

Music For My Memories is out now on all major platforms. Take a deep dive into the world of Luttrell and let us know which tracks are your favorites in the comments below.

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Luttrell – Music For My Memories – Tracklist:

  1. Memories Intro/Dream Machine
  2. Ex Nihilo
  3. Keep The Night
  4. Snoop Dawk
  5. October Song
  6. Just A Dream
  7. Music For My Memories
  8. Another World
  9. Breakfast On Mars
  10. Water Level
  11. Operation Midnight
  12. More Than Human
  13. Fill My Heart
  14. Dayglow
Luttrell Music For My Memories

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