Sam WOLFE Lets Loose in ‘Prison Break’


Atlanta-based producer Sam WOLFE unleashes some techno heat on his newest two-track EP, Prison Break, out now via UMEK’s 1605 imprint.

Sam WOLFE is a newcomer to the techno scene who jumpstarted his career after a 10-year admiration for electronic music. Those years as a listener culminated into something more and turned him on to the production side of music. From collaborating with The YellowHeads to climbing Beatport charts, the Atlanta-based producer is steadily making his music heard by the masses, and it only continues with his newest EP, Prison Break.

With eyes closed shut, it’s hard not to get lost in the vast soundscape presented in the opening and titular song, “Prison Break.” First and foremost, it’s the rhythm and beats that introduce listeners into a deluge of darkness that lingers over every note, and it’s nothing less than enticing. Andrea Garcia lends her vocals to the song with faint calls while the song rises in brief crescendos and cascades of synths and sultry energy. Best of all, it builds into a cinematic experience as the music turns quiet before returning with a bang.

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The EP’s next song, “1964” with KREECHER, starts just as powerfully as “Prison Break.” But behind all the hard-hitting thumps, a melody stirs into existence and comes to a head with low pummels. Somehow, “1964” manages to be the soundtrack for a stunning range of moments – from the intimate ones with your best friends in underground warehouses, to the badass ones when life seems to have no rules.

Sam WOLFE’s two-track EP is wildly cinematic and captures a dark but heavenly sound. Despite his short career in music thus far, it’s incredibly apparent that his talent and efforts can take him to higher places. Check out Prison Break on Spotify or download the EP on Beatport.

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