Skream Releases “Sad Days” and a Fresh Remix on iFEEL

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Skream drops his latest single “Sad Days” on his iFEEL imprint and enlists Dublin-based producer DART for a killer techno remix.

Skream is one of the most iconic producers to come out of the UK, throwing down some of the most genre-bending experimental tunes in the realms of dubstep and house and techno for nearly two decades. He has curated an undeniably versatile catalog of tracks and unforgettable collaborations which has made him the greatly esteemed artist he is. Since forming his own label, iFEEL in May of this year, the renowned artist has kept the toes of his fans tapping and hearts fulfilled with a steady stream of truly unique singles and remixes. Now, without skipping a beat, Skream is at it again with “Sad Days featuring a remix from DART.

Sad Days” is a fast-paced track that brings a rave-inducing breakbeat with moaning undertones and profound stabbing percussion throughout it. Though the track does make for a perfect dancefloor groove, Skream channels darker days with drawn-out synths to pack extra emotion. He bridges the track in a haunting manner before building back up to the groove before they dwindle out during the final seconds of the tune.

Much akin to his previous releases on iFEEL, Skream looked to a fellow producer to put their spin on the track. Irish producer DART was selected to put his spin on “Sad Days” and delivered a pitched-up version of the track and pinched synths. With the distant breakbeat leading into some techno elements and a powerful bassline, this banger is perfect for those late-night hours on the dancefloor.

Skream continues to prove himself as a pioneer in the scene and “Sad Days” is a testament to his remarkable abilities in the studio. You can stream “Sad Days” now on your favorite streaming platform. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section!

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