FUXWITHIT Launches Record Label with capshun’s “Morph”


Toronto-based collective FUXWITHIT is bringing a new dimension to their “Champions of the Underground” mantra with the launch of their new label.

Whether you know them from their blog, socials, or artist guest mixes, you’ve surely heard of FUXWITHIT. This Toronto-based collective has a passion for underground sound and has grown to be one of the most beloved platforms in the scene over the past seven years. Now, they’re looking to open the next chapter in their story with the launch of their new label.

FUXWITHIT will have the perfect opportunity to further enforce their “Champions of the Underground” mindset on their new label. Featuring sounds of trap, future beats, experimental and more, the label won’t be limited to one genre – and to further showcase that dynamic nature is the first artist to grace the imprint, capshun. This Dallas-based artist is making waves in the underground scene and takes inspiration from hip-hop, future bass, and trap in his production style that seamlessly blends genres.

For the launch of FUXWITHIT, he crafted up, “Morph,” a beautifully heavy tune that will hit you in your core and effortlessly blends elements from many styles. The track begins with deep bass in its captivating introduction and brings us an emotional drop with heavy percussion and a trap-inspired sound with a touch of wave.

‘Morph’ signifies how I am constantly changing and reworking who I am creatively. I am sure it’s needless to say but I love making a lot of different music. So to create something that is still me but even more than who I have been musically, kind of feels like I am morphing and transforming my creative spirit. I want everyone to feel all the different emotions on this one. The sadness, the joy, the HYPE, the anger and put it into perspective of the song. I cannot tell you how much FUXWITHIT has done for me and how much I love the FUXWITHIT team and everything they all stand for. To be the first release feels just like a full circle experience. I’m happy to be here.


Listen to “Morph” on Spotify or your preferred platform, and be sure to follow FUXWITHIT and capshun on social media to keep up with their new releases and more!

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capshun - Morph

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