Shiba San Gifts a Double Dose of House

Shiba San

After teasing the tracks during his live sets, Shiba San makes his debut on Factory 93 Records with Get High/All The People.

It seems unbelievable that Shiba San released his iconic song “OKAY” nearly seven years ago, all the way back in 2014. The house producer has consistently delivered a plate of hypnotizing songs, following up with titles that keep the repeat button in constant use. Catching him live is a perk in itself, but fans who have attended his more recent shows were able to listen to his latest tunes. Now, after teasing the EP during his sets at Dirtybird CampINN and Sculpture Park in Denver, Shiba San makes his debut on Insomniac’s Factory 93 Records with Get High/All The People.

It always seems like Shiba San is able to instantly captivate listeners even within the first seconds of a track, and the Parisian producer’s introduction to his newest EP, “Get High,” proves to be no different. Dark pulses immediately drop into the song, offering gratifying sensations that bring listeners back to the heart of dance music – the beloved clubs where most of us began our obsessions with dance music. To take the track to the next level, Shiba San administers a dose of mesmerizing vocals in the form of what sounds like the narrators from 1970s television commercials. It’s a perfect combination that shifts between a series of buildups and enchanting drops that test your stamina on the dancefloor.

“All The People” slides into the queue with oscillating vocal chops alongside a deluge of hi-hats. A short burst of notes swoops in before the bass seamlessly skates through the track, and this is where Shiba San proves that less can absolutely be more. While clear-cut melodies rarely appear within his music, with the bass leading many of the notes, the house producer’s distinct production style taps into our innate sense of rhythm.

Shiba San’s music extends a hand for the ones who seek to get utterly lost in the club – when leaving the sanctuary of sound gives you whiplash when faced with the jarring quiet of the world outside the walls. And with not one, but two tunes primed for playlists, he demonstrates his talent for mobilizing and orchestrating shufflers under one roof.

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