Although ‘some ppl fall,’ J. Worra is on the Rise

J. Worra

J. Worra returns to Club Sweat and shows exactly why she’s an artist on the rise with the release of her latest EP, some ppl fall.

Since first breaking onto the scene J. Worra has won over the hearts of listeners, quite literally, with DJing competitions for Groove Cruise and Spring Awakening Music Festival. Riding the momentum led her to the stages of music festivals and appearances across livestreams during the pandemic, but DJing is only part of what she has been able to accomplish. Her production skills have resulted in captivating music inspired by the home of house music and her native city, Chicago. Now, following the release of So Excited / Do It This Way on Club Sweat in 2020, J. Worra returns to the imprint with some ppl fall.

The three-track EP begins with its titular tune, “some ppl fall” – and right off the bat, it’s a groovy affair. Staccatos of piano chords pulse alongside faint clashes of claps. Indistinct vocal chops headway into the song for an extra layer of groove, indicating what’s yet to come when full vocals fall into place. J. Worra works her magic, balancing the right hints of instrumentals and vocals. As the song proceeds to its midway point she adds distorted notes, further underscoring the club funk atmosphere she has created.

Chunk Funk” follows as the second track in the EP, landing as a deeper and slightly darker song than its predecessor. The bass is apparent and stands out in the song, satisfying any need for reverberations. Once again, J. Worra struts her usage of vocal chops as she chips in longer variations of vocals that further add punches of zest to the fresh track.

Finally, “YOU” sees J. Worra team up with Cat Conners to complete the release. The song begins with the deliberate addition of percussions and beats worthy of fueling hearts ultimately burst into oscillating notes. Hints of vocals pave way for a switch into rich melodies before J. Worra pulls back for a stomper of a drop. The five-minute track provides ample time for listeners to get into the groove of the beats.

The idea for ‘YOU’ came on by some reverse engineering, I re-purposed the drums from a remix I did over the summer (pro tip always save your drums), then found a vocal and chopped that up into a melody. The melody became the inspiration for Cat’s vocal which she absolutely crushed. Excited to round out the EP with this stomper!

J. Worra

J. Worra’s some ppl fall is a cohesive three-song EP capable of belonging on playlists for open-spaced warehouses as it fills every inch of the building with refined beats and hypnotizing melodies. Check out the EP below on Spotify, or stream it via your favorite music platform – and make sure to leave a comment with your favorite tune!

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J. Worra – some ppl fall – Tracklist:

  1. some ppl fall
  2. Chunk Funk
  3. YOU feat. Cat Connors
J. Worra - some ppl fall EP

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