PRXZM Releases Nostalgia-Inducing ‘Faultlines’ EP


PRXZM releases Faultlines, their brand new, three-track EP that’s filled to the brim with retro synths and ’80s inspired melodies.

Since first coming together in 2014, California-based duo PRXZM have brought their unique, ’80s-infused style to their modern-day electronic music. Sharing a passion for music, members Emma Maidenberg and Nick Ortega continue to grow with each passing release and performance, taking to clubs and festivals sharing their edgy catalog with audiences all over the globe. Of course, their dream-like synths paired and pop-oriented style

Now, PRXZM has delivered a fresh EP dubbed Faultlines on Night Mode, which features a blend of their dream-like synths, pop-oriented style, mid-tempo sounds, and raw vocals into one complete package. Featuring vocals from Emma, they channel their cyberpunk influences throughout the three-track release as well to help tell a story through music that evokes a sense of nostalgia and familiar energy.

Each track on this EP encapsulates a summertime vibe in a different way. Between the three of them, they convey a nostalgic, exciting, familiar but refreshing kind of energy that gets us ready for a new era that we have all been looking forward to. Working with Night Mode has been a dream come true every time! They are the most respectful, hardworking label we could ask for. So attentive to each detail from artwork to branding, they truly understand and harbor creativity.


Listen to the Faultlines EP on Spotify or your preferred platform, and read on for a deeper dive into these fresh tunes from PRXZM!

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Each tune on Faultlines stands tall on its own, yet they work together cohesively from start to finish as well.

The first track, “Faultlines,” begins with mystical synths, before breaking into vocals. Similar to an earthquake, this groundbreaking track dominates the mind with its synths and earthy tempos while the chord progressions shimmer creating a refreshing melody. The lyrics add an extra layer to the mix as well, as Emma preaches the message of maintaining balance in unsteady situations accompanied by raw textures.

I Started This Fire” arrives next blends retro synths and melodic guitar riffs creating a piece that could easily be found during the days of the past, yet still hold true in the current era. Much as its name implies, the instrumentation and consistent tempo feel like the flowing flames of a fire as it dwells on decisions made leading up to the present. These saddened emotions are emphasized by the mournful guitar chord progressions to really drive this one home.

The final track, “Oblivion” channels a more trap-infused approach with heavy synths and harsher guitar chords. This haunting track takes on a dark nature opposing the swiftness and elegance of the two previous tracks. And the murky vocals bring out the darkness of the track creating a perfect contrast to the EP as it comes to a close.

Overall, Faultlines is a powerful piece that brings shaking rhythms and earth-shattering vocals. After listening, it’s clear that PRXZM will only further ascend through the ranks of the scene for some time to come, so stay tuned for more releases from the duo!

PRXZM – Faultlines EP – Tracklist:

  1. Faultlines
  2. I Started This Fire
  3. Oblivion

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Emily is currently finishing her degree in Music Business at University of Colorado, Denver with the hopes to eventually become a tour manager. She first fell in love with EDM in 2012 after attending a Zedd show with her brother. Since then, she has been to countless shows and festivals, as well as having the opportunity to follow her favorite artists on numerous tours. She is extremely passionate about her custom clothing brand, her dogs, and hats. Emily’s favorite artists include Madeon, Porter Robinson, Gesaffelstein, and Pendulum.

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