Vieira Takes Listeners on a Journey to the Marble Mountain


Vieira is sure to captivate the minds of listeners with “Marble Mountain” while displaying new sides to his typical production style.

For underground artists like Vieira, the energy you can feel that’s poured into their track is otherworldly. Something about this corner of bass music pulls you in and forever leaves your jaw on the ground, while you crave more of the sounds. Vieira’s unique production style has helped to quickly solidify a place for him amongst other forward-thinking, underground artists. As a result, he’s scored releases on Electric Hawk, as well as Aspire Higher and The Untz.

While we are typically used to the stanky, heavy bass-filled sound from Vieira, he’s switching things up with his latest track. Officially set to release on May 20, “Marble Mountain” leans more on the downtempo side of genres, but still has some gritty soundscapes layered within. From the moment it begins you’ll feel pulled in, curiosity taking over while you wonder what awaits you.

Piano keys lead the intro while ethereal sounds begin to fill your ears. There’s an almost melancholy feeling, and yet a sense of wonder. Vieira layers in multiple elements in “Marble Mountain” and each section feels like a new chapter in a book. As a result, he’ll have your imagination taking you to magical, uncharted places. Dense bass fills the ears two minutes in and feels like an impenetrable fog as you ascend up the mountain and try and push through to see what’s in front of you.

Marble Mountain” is a cultivation and expression of my experience of living in the mountains of Hudson Valley, NY. Wrapped into a downtempo-esque experience, “Marble Mountain” is meant to feel like a trance-inducing journey that concludes by returning you to where you started but in a much more appreciative and aware state of mind. This also marks the first of many more “downtempo” Vieira tracks to be released making this track very near and dear to my heart


Vieira paints such vivid pictures in one’s mind with the soundscapes on this track – and because of that, we recommend listening to this with your eyes closed. Pre-save “Marble Mountain” so you don’t miss it when it drops tomorrow, but for now, enjoy a preview of the track to satiate your cravings.

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