Squad Up with Trst. on the ‘Fidget Gang’ EP


Trst. drops his two-track debut EP on Jauz’s Bite This! imprint and welcomes us into the Fidget Gang with open arms.

Unleashing a myriad of heart-racing tunes throughout his years as a producer, Trst. boldly champions fidget house with his contributions to the genre. The Los Angeles-based producer joined the ranks of house hitters after appearing on labels such as CONFESSION, Brohouse, and Noir Sur Blanc, to name a few. Most recently, he appeared at one of Space Yacht’s earliest live shows post-quarantine. And now he’s headed to Jauz’s Bite This! label to showcase his debut EP, Fidget Gang.

The two-track Fidget Gang EP opens with “BACK!,” a joint brainchild between Trst. and Fox’d. The track introduces us headfirst to the adrenaline-inducing sound with its powerful ensemble of fat kicks, snares, and hi-hats, alongside an ominous ambiance. Not long afterwards, an echo of sultry vocals pulls listeners deep into the emphatic soundscape. Building up with a crisp melody, “BACK!” drops in with a staccato of notes emphasized by a distortion of vocal chops.

Then Trst. doesn’t hold back with the second track “ATP” and maintains an energizing sound throughout the song’s three minute runtime. Vocal chops paired with spoken words escalate into an explosion of dance-ready beats. The song’s muddy synths coupled with deep percussions highlight Trst.’s embracement of the fidget house genre. The producer illustrates his command of the dancefloor through the track’s undulating notes and shameless basslines.

This debut EP is merely one stop on the long journey that Trst. intends to take us on through his unreserved sound, and we’re readily keeping our eyes locked on the growing producer. Check out the Fidget Gang EP on Spotify or stream the EP via your favorite music platform. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Trst. - Fidget Gang EP

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