Beatsource Changes the Way DJs Prepare Music with Beatsource DJ

Beatsource DJ

Beatsource continues to prove why they’re the leading digital audio retailer with the recently launched web browser app Beatsource DJ.

The digital music platform for DJs, Beatsource, announced a new web-based app called Beatsource DJ. Paired with Beatsource Link, users can now access their music libraries directly from a browser. At its core, the freshly minted platform changes the way DJs organize music and build their sets for the next big gig.

Currently available in public beta with Google Chrome on desktops only, the platform promises to make life less complicated for DJs. It comes with built-in decks and a drag and drop feature that helps speed up music discovery, playlist creation, and library management. Furthermore, Beatsource DJ amplifies the branded Link division and flawlessly ties in popular performance software and hardware devices. And if that’s not enough, the web-based app is MIDI-friendly, making it possible to add a DJ controller into the mix as well.

The biggest time-suck for every DJ is prepping sets. This web app changes everything and helps users quickly find and experiment with music as well as build performance playlists, all without wasting a bunch of time. Then, using our LINK technology, DJs can easily access these playlists inside their go-to performance software like Serato for performance. This makes the workflow of DJing so much faster and makes it fun again.

Jonas Tempel, Chief Revenue Officer at Beatsource and Beatport

Whether you’re a newbie starting your journey or a veteran DJ looking to ease the workflow, this game-changing platform takes music collection management to another level. On top of that, Beatsource DJ comes with an integrated feature that helps seasoned DJs preview the next track on a mix and instantly facilitates the entire Beatsource catalog through a quick search and browse.

Check out the walkthrough of the Beatsource DJ web app from Mojaxx below and stay tuned for more from Beatsource by following them on social media!

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