Dillon Francis and Wave Put On a “Total Fiasco” of a Show

Total Fiasco
Photo Credit: Wave

Dillon Francis and Wave collaborated on “Total Fiasco” — a virtual show that brought a fun-filled, live experience to fans at home.

“Total Fiasco” was just that — a night of virtual mayhem, madness, and classic Dillon Francis randomness, and the vibes of the attendees were on point. When the “doors” opened at 6pm and we flooded into the chatroom, shouting out where we were watching from. Some tuned in on computers, some watched on their TVs, and some experienced the festival in virtual reality — with good vibes all around. Then, the show got started with one of my favorite sounds in the world: the opening of “Not Butter.” And our journey had begun. 

Shortly after the show got going, we were presented with a poll to choose our first virtual landscape change. We had three choices: “shrooms,” “vaporwave,” or “desert.” It was nearly unanimous for shrooms, as we were eager to see what Wave and Dillon Francis had in store for us. We did encounter a slight technical hiccup (Gerald spilled some Zoa on the computer, silly Gerald.) but it was no biggie. The show restarted, I got to hear my favorite build-up again, and we were off to shroom-land. 

Throughout “Total Fiasco,” fans were able to shape the experience, embody virtual characters, and gift Dillon’s avatar with accessories.

From Dillon Francis as a fiery ogre to a rainbow skeleton bursting through saloon doors, “Total Fiasco” was non-stop entertainment. At one point, they set off some festival-style fireworks to the soundtrack of his and Kygo’s “Coming Over.” It was the perfect vibe to make me reminisce on festivals. In exchange for donations ranging from $5 to around $25, attendees could give Dillon’s avatar funny hats, make it rain (we made it rain money and Crocs), and embody virtual characters like dancing avocados, stunning elephants, or happy mushrooms. 

About an hour in, Dillon announced that he had a special guest in attendance, and I think we all had a good idea of who he was talking about. The infamous DJ Hanzel appeared with some sass, a little smack-talk, and one deep house track to get us grooving. Shortly after, Dillon took over the decks again and closed out the party.

After “Total Fiasco, Dillon Francis and Wave had a Q&A on Instagram where he talked about his best prank ever, traveling with Gerald, and plans for his next virtual festival.

Dillon Francis took to Wave’s Instagram Live for a quick Q&A after the show. My favorite question asked was, “what should my next tattoo be?” Dillon told the fan to get a Gerald tattoo or IDGAFOS (in a cool font). He also talked about how people always stare when he walks through airports with Gerald in his arms, and how he hates April Fool’s Day. He says that pranks shouldn’t be on just one day — which makes sense, we’re all expecting it, right? 

When asked about his best prank ever, he detailed how he purchased DJ Snake’s website once, in retaliation for DJ Snake putting Dillon Francis’ actual cell phone number on the big screen during a show. Life advice: Don’t get in a prank war with either of them, they will win.

Towards the end of the Q&A, he said that he and Wave are already planning another virtual show (he says he spoke with the highest authorities, “Mr. and Mrs. Wave”) and mentioned wanting to ask Alison Wonderland to join him — so we’ll keep our eyes out for that! All in all, the Q&A and the show in its entirety was a super fun way to connect with fans and get a taste of the live events we all miss so much. Check out the recap below!

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