Tyler Young Wants You to Get Up and Dance with “My Time”

Tyler Young

Los Angeles-based producer Tyler Young gives us a glimpse at the promising future with his dancefloor-ready, debut tune, “My Time.

As the return of live events looms on the horizon there’s a sense of hope within the dance music community more so now than ever before over the past year. Although Tyler Young might be one of the newest names to surface in the scene, this Los Angeles-based artist knows just how vibrant the community can be. In fact, it was at Coachella back in 2006, when he first decided to pursue his career in music after witnessing Daft Punk‘s iconic pyramid stage land at the Polo Fields.

Obsessed with the world of dance music ever since that performance, Tyler Young now looks to make his imprint on the scene with the release of his debut track “My Time.” This tune is one that makes you want to get up and groove the day away and it’s the perfect energy booster to fuel your weekend. Young’s punchy basslines are accentuated by vocalist Hayley May, whose powerhouse of a voice you may have heard on tracks by the likes of Cheat Codes, Lee Foss, and more in the past.

Although the song deserves a proper dancefloor, it embodies the excitement of what’s (hopefully) to come, using its irresistibly upbeat tempo and stunning synths to transport us all to our favorite festival — wherever that may be. Until then, though, Tyler Young has gifted us with even more of a reason to dance away in our rave caves with a curated playlist to pair with “My Life.” Featuring tunes from the likes of SIDEPIECE, CID and Westend, and more, it’s brimming with jams that are perfect for the upcoming spring season.

The playlist I curated is meant for listeners to get up and dance. Hard to stay seated rockin’ out to SIDEPIECE, Noizu, and Biscits. Just like my new record, My Time, which is chord-driven and up-beat, my playlist is aimed at getting people hyped and ready for clubs and festivals to reopen!

Tyler Young

Make sure to give “My Time” a listen on your favorite platform and check out the exclusive playlist Tyler Young made for us below!

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