Subsidia Unleashes Lethal Weapons on ‘Night Vol. 3’

Subsidia Night Vol. 3

Subsidia continues to be a force to be reckoned with as they ride the wave of momentum with their latest bone-rattling compilation, Night Vol. 3.

Newly minted label Subsidia Records might be one of the freshest in the growing landscape of bass music, but they’ve already delivered a massive number of tunes to the masses. While standout solo releases have surfaced, their Night, Dusk, and Dawn compilations have become a true treat for anyone looking for the latest, forward-thinking sounds in the unique subgenres of the bass scene.

While Dusk and Dawn recently received their second volumes, Night has pressed on even further with the third in the series and it’s brimming with heavy tracks that are worth breaking your neck for. Excision went to the ends of the earth to hunt for 20 of the filthiest bass music beats on Night Vol. 3, and now these weapons are finally being unleashed into the world.

Night Vol. 3 is brimming with some truly fantastic tunes that will be turning heads the moment they grace speakers. One glance at the tracklist will stir up some emotions as familiar names like Jessica Audiffred and MONXX, Decadon, Bear Grillz, SUFFOCATE, and Gladez pop out immediately. And of course, Excision continues on with his mission to expose listeners alike to new names by including Skellism, NvrLeft, LOUIEJAYXX, and AlienPark as well.

Every tune on Night Vol. 3 goes above and beyond the norm, but when Skellism and NVRENDS teamed up on “Rage Pit” I knew that this would be an instant favorite. They push the envelope throughout the track with metal and rock influences that culminate into a hard trap beat. It’s a beast of a tune that is sure to give you that nasty bass face and as a big fan of hard dance music, I was pleased to see Excision supporting such a niche genre that normally wouldn’t get much attention.

The second tune that stood out to me was “Trencher” by Perry Wayne, one of the heaviest tunes on the compilation. The design in this song is unlike any other using dramatic pauses to create a tension so great before unleashing that dirty bass to send you to oblivion. This record is not for the faint of heart, and I seriously recommend strapping into a seat belt before listening.

Listen to all the tunes on Night Vol. 3 on Spotify or your preferred platform, and let us know which one you loved the most in the comments!

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Subsidia – Night Vol. 3 – Tracklist:

  1. Jessica Audiffred, MONXX – Moni
  2. NvrLft – Go Back
  3. Perry Wayne – Trencher
  4. Bear Grillz – Soulja March
  5. LOUIEJAYXX – Unbreakable
  6. Skellism, NVRENDS – Rage Pit
  7. Megahurtz – Bloody
  8. Svspkt, Autokorekt, SUFFOCATE – Parariddim
  9. iFeature, Killin’ Void – Order and Chaos
  10. RAZR, Vastive – Pop Off
  11. Jorge Toscano – Tear the Place
  12. AlienPark – Sentenced To Death
  13. Decadon – Pull Up
  14. Gladex, FelMax – Hot Pursuit
  15. Wodd – Tape Stop
  16. Goofy, Mylky – Biblical Asteroth
  17. Typhon – Nightfall
  18. VLCN – 1000 Years
  19. Howker – Threats
  20. Izzy Vadim, Head Treats – No Feelings
Subsidia Night Vol. 3

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