Anjunabeats Showcases Rising Artists with New Monthly Series

Anjunabeats Rising - Volume 1

Anjunabeats assures there will be fresh sounds on the label for years to come by launching Anjunabeats Rising, a new monthly EP series!

Anjunabeats is clearly not resting on their laurels during their 20th-anniversary celebration, after the label and its artists saw so much activity throughout the past year. While they’ve launched a number of new projects lately, the most recent is a new monthly EP series dubbed Anjunabeats Rising. Similar to the Anjunadeep Explorations series, it focuses on the next wave of artists that will grace the label for some time to come.

We’ve been thinking hard about how we can discover new talent for the next 20 years and we’re pleased to launch the Anjunabeats Rising EP series featuring new artists, new ideas, and new sounds to the label while all still feeling very Anjuna.

Jono Grant

Prior to their release, I was only able to catch one of these three tracks on the radio show and I’m here to tell you it meets all of Jono’s stated criteria. A collaboration between Nourey and ZOYA, “All Night,” was featured as Record of the Week on ABGT 415, and the honor is well deserved. These two producers have both been on my radar throughout 2020 and it’s fitting that they came together for this track.

“All Night” opens with a smooth and steady rhythm that takes its time playing out. Several different floating synths layer in over the intro and begin to lift us to the heavens. There are two vocal layers, one lofty and the other sharp, which are both very important parts as they draw you in deeper. But my favorite element of this track is the saxophone which is uplifting while feeling soft and elegant, it’s a fantastic twist. The overall beauty of this track is in the layers that come and go without ever feeling complicated or forced, yet they all blend effortlessly together to offer divinity in each of their moments.

The other two tunes that act as bookends for “All Night” are “Home” by Parallels and “I Don’t” by GVN. Dynamic duo Parallels put in some serious work on “Home” and created a tune that’s filled with an uplifting soundscape and plenty of energy to get your feet moving wherever you’re listening from. On the flipside, GVN wraps up angelic vocals, classic trance synths, and a touch of breakbeats for “I Don’t” to make for a track that will stir up emotions inside of anyone who tunes in.

If this is truly the future of Anjunabeats, then that future is a bright one. Stay tuned for more from these artists in the coming months and be sure to get your copy of Anjunabeats Rising – Volume 1 on your preferred format!

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Anjunabeats Rising – Volume 1 – Tracklist:

  1. Parallels – Home
  2. Nourey & ZOYA – All Night
  3. GVN – I Don’t
Anjunabeats Rising - Volume 1

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