BRWN BEAR Takes Us on an Adventure with ‘The Wanderer’

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If you enjoy being whisked away to ancient, magical places then the latest EP from BRWN BEAR, The Wanderer, is exactly what you need.

BRWN BEAR is a name that many in the bass scene have begun to take notice of and for those who haven’t yet, it is time to change that. Earlier this summer, he sat down for an interview with us to discuss his experiences during the pandemic, projects he was working on, and spun an awesome mix as well. One of those projects was a new concept EP, and now it’s time to hear the beautiful tales that he has brought to life in The Wanderer EP.

Out now on Sub.Terranean, The Wanderer EP lets listeners peer into the creative mind of BRWN BEAR. For anyone who dreams about fantasy worlds that feature mythical places and mystical creatures, this release is perfect for you. Music can take you away from the reality of life and bring your mind to new places, and BRWN BEAR truly captured those emotions throughout the EP’s four tracks.

This is the first in a series of EPs, each with a backstory and lore that relates to the release. I wanted to have a thread connecting my music, and I love stories especially magical tales of Knights, Queens, and Kingdoms. This concept is about bringing together ancient sounds usually found in those art pieces with modern sound design and rhythms. My website and merchandise will have excerpts from the lore, and we’re working on putting together a podcast drama so listeners can tune in and hear the story behind the music, to be released later. I’m not sure how far this can go, but I do have a lot of stories to tell.

Music can be an escape from this reality, and I want to create a magical place for anyone who listens to explore.


If you want to feel like you are dancing around with Hobbits, stream The Wanderer on your preferred platform and read on for my take on the four tracks from BRWN BEAR!

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Close your eyes and let BRNW BEAR take you away to magical lands with these four beautifully crafted tunes.

BRWN BEAR really did an impeccable job of creating a world to explore, and listening to The Wanderer EP took me away to all sorts of new places. Within seconds of the first track, “SPOOKY,” the hair on my arms stood up, and I immediately imagined myself riding on the backs of horses with elves, going to fight an army of Orcs. Then, he put me under his spell with “WITCHCRAFT,” a track full of hypnotic bass and ominous synths, yet one that still found a way to make my soul feel at ease.

I really wanted to make something melodic that could be listened to in the car as well as dropped at a festival or club. Making dance music is something I love. With this EP I wanted to include some of my influences, like Jeremy Soule (Skyrim) and Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings) to give it a larger, more epic sound. It matches the story I’m trying to tell. I produce, mix, and master everything as well as create the cover art. I really like being involved with every step at this stage, this project means so to me.

brwn bear

KHAVO” was up next and was full of distorted and crunchy bass. Throughout the background you hear medieval-inspired vocals, transporting listeners to a land of magical happenings and sounds. To wrap up this adventure of an EP was “Wyra,” my favorite track on The Wanderer, which has major CharlesTheFirst and Supertask vibes to it. While it had tranquil sounds, it would sneak in some subtle filthy wubs to make the song truly pop.

When listening to this EP, make sure you close your eyes and let your mind wander. BRWN BEAR will take you away to a far off place, and we can’t wait to see where the rest of the journey will take us during the next parts of the series!

BRWN BEAR – The Wanderer EP – Tracklist:

  3. KHAVO
  4. WYRA
BRWN BEAR The Wanderer EP

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