Red Giant Project Releases Eclectic Debut Album

Red Giant Project

Red Giant Project taps into their vast collection of life experiences on their debut album with features From Karl Denson, Tre Aces, And Lynx!

Red Giant Project has released their self-titled, debut album on Muti Music. The 10-track record is full of eclectic vibes pulling from the group’s wide array of musical influences and life experiences. The all-star cast of musicians includes San Diego’s own Matt Burkey on vocals, Matthew Madonna on sound engineering, blues singer-songwriter Shane Hall, multi-instrumentalist Tah-Rei, and saxophonist John Avery. The album also has huge features from the legendary Karl Denson, rising star Tre Aces, and Lynx, all of which add an incredible dynamic to the already smooth record.

Combining the sounds of neo-soul and hip-hop with experimental bass and additional electronic elements make Red Giant Project an expertly crafted body of work. The first single off the record “Wait It Out” features Karl Denson and has an inviting downtempo beat, airy flute, and hard-hitting relatable lyrics. This track has a classic feel to it yet is injected with fresh, new-age production that makes it truly memorable.

Other tracks like “Per Se,” “Tin Cans,” and “Drip” all give the album robustness that only comes with experience. This record weaves and dips into many genres, allowing it to take on a life of its own that will surely have you rewinding and relistening to fully grasp its intentions. If you love funky electronic music and want to get down and dirty on a makeshift dancefloor, then this is unique album is one you definitely need to listen to.

Red Giant Project is very much a collective energy. From the music to the artwork and now with our record label Muti Music. For me, this project started as an experimental process between myself and Matthew Madonna in an attempt to create something with the depth of love we were feeling. Me, as a parent and him as an expecting parent. We set an intention to make something beautiful for the sake of creating beauty. My best friend Ian Xavier heard the first track and wanted to support the vision and linked me with Shane Hall. What a blessing. Talk about a beautiful soul expressing itself through music! Tah Rei and John Avery soon joined the effort and we found a great flow.

Matt Burkey

Listen to Red Giant Project’s self-titled debut album on your favorite platform or purchase a collectible cassette to support this new project. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the album in the comments!

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Red Giant Project – Tracklist:

  1. Tin Cans
  2. Better Man feat. Tre Aces
  3. Table Fill Up feat. Karl Denson
  4. Drip
  5. Wait It Out feat. Karl Denson
  6. For Tou feat. Karl Denson
  7. Water Flower
  8. Eyes Of The Earth
  9. Per Se
  10. All That Noise
Red Giant Project

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