Welcome Records Releases Chilling ‘Little Comp of Horrors Vol. 2’


Kayzo unleashes Little Comp of Horrors Vol. 2, a thrilling addition to the series on Welcome Records that will electrify listeners throughout spooky season!

Prepping for Halloween and keeping fans excited for a jaw-dropping, bass-fueled season is undoubtedly on the top of the to-do list for Kayzo. This month, he’s already headlined shows in Arizona for a pod concept rave from Relentless Beats and will be dominating the decks at Insomniac EventsPark n Rave concert series as well. Just in time before the show begins this weekend, Kayzo unleashed a spine-chilling compilation series, Little Comp of Horrors Volume 2 on his label Welcome Records!

Last year during spooky season, Kayzo dedicated his energy to curating the sounds for Little Comp of Horrors Vol. 1, the debut edition of his series celebrating his favorite holiday that serves fantastic tracks to his fanbase. Echoing the albums success of wicked tracks and trembling beats, he’s now released the second edition that’s stacked with talent like SYN&Kou, Ryan Browne, BRVMES, SOREN, and more for this year’s COVID-friendly October festivities.

“Little Comp of Horrors is special to me because it revolves around my favorite holiday, Halloween. More importantly, it gives me a chance to find new talent, and offer current talent home for all tempos and genres that are helping push electronic music forward.”


YehMe2 kicks off the compilation with a merciless start, gracing bass lovers with “CHAPTER 2,” a track filled with hyped lyrics, heavy beats, and a chilling buildup that leads to a satiating drop. Much different than YehMe2, Dirty Audio and Tucker Kreway invigorate listeners by speeding up their track “Blue Steel” and sending them off an exhilarating ride filled with heightened bass and quirky drops. And another standout is ALRT with his filthy VIP edit of “RVLTN” that merges turbulent rhythms with faster breakbeats that will sway any DnB fanatic to the dancefloor. 

Others throughout the compilation incorporate genres ranging from drum and bass to electro, with each artist bringing this massive soundtrack for Halloween to life. Be sure to download or stream Little Comp of Horrors Volume 2 on your preferred platform and tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Stream Little Comps of Horror Volume 2 on Spotify:

Little Comp of Horror Volume 2 – Tracklist:

  1. YehMe2 – CHAPTER 2
  2. Jayceeoh & Purge – Alive
  3. SYN & Kou – Riot
  4. Ryan Browne – CREEP
  5. Dirty Audio & Tucker Kreway – Blue Steel
  6. Bailo – GRODY
  7. SEX DETH – bangbang
  8. Callum Highby – BAD NEIGHBOR (VIP)
  10. BRVMES – 666
  11. BARILAN – Race for Survival
  12. Custo x SatØs – Over and Over
  13. MOM N DAD – RIP
  15. Jezabel – Mort
  17. Krischvn – PUSHNPULL
Kayzo Little Comps of Horrors Vol. 2

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