Scavazza Makes You ‘Shake Your Hearts’ Away with New EP


Scavazza drops the bangin’ Shake Your Hearts EP on Dirtybird that will have everyone groovin’ to beat throughout the rest of the season!

Pleasing the crowd with funky house beats is always on the top of Dirtybird Records‘ to-do list. Whether it’s serving groovy tunes at their weekly livestreams or making waves across the underground house scene, this label does what it takes to keep their faithful following happy. This time around, they’ve looked to rising talent Scavazza for some fresh tunes and the Shake Your Hearts EP is the result!

On Shake Your Hearts he takes his listeners on a journey as he explores deeper, melodic beats that are uncommon to the label’s traditional booty shakin’ tech house grooves. For example, he balances his music by encompassing a slower bassline with quirky, fast beats. Not only that, but he graces the compilation with underground talent, Harry Romero who puts his take on “Shake Your Hearts” turning the song into an electrifying rhythm designed for the club scene!

Scavazza might be a fresh face in the scene, but his work will not go unnoticed in the coming years. This release proves that he doesn’t just create beautiful soundscapes, but has a dedication to underground styles that will continue to deliver for some time to come. And that dedication can be seen in the third track that picks up the pace and makes us say “Hey” to a bodacious tune that filters all your problems away!

If you would like to take a stroll down this lane, be sure to listen to this stunning EP from Scavazza below. Don’t forget to download or purchase it on your favorite platform!

Stream Scavazza – Shake Your Hearts on Spotify:


  1. Shake Your Hearts
  2. Shake Your Hearts (Harry Romero Remix)
  3. Hey

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