Hannah Wants and Eskuche Reassert Status as ‘The Ish’ with New EP

Hannah Wants Eskuche

Etiquette’s Hannah Wants and Eskuche crank up the heat with a new EP called The ISH that adds new layers to their already unique sound.

Just when we thought summer couldn’t get any hotter, UK house titan and Etiquette founder Hannah Wants teamed up with New York-based artist Eskuche to unleash upon us The ISH, a fiery two-track EP that will melt all your popsicles. This lovechild of two of Etiquette’s favorite producers delivers exceptionally, with a contagious groove that scratches an itch you didn’t know needed to be scratched.

Riddled with alluring synth patterns, upbeat drum kicks, and a deep, persistent bassline that will pull you in like none other, The ISH EP is the perfect recipe for a summer smash that is sure to be heard at pool parties across the globe. Label boss Hannah Wants puts her veteran production skills on full display to tell the world that her musical genius is here to stay, while Eskuche provides his house grooves that has previously graced labels like Repopulate Mars and Hot Creations.

Each throbbing beat on The ISH will leave you satisfied to the max yet still wanting more, a dichotomy that can only be understood by surrendering to the captivating allure of the EP.

Immediately upon starting the title track, I knew that I was in for a listening experience in its truest form. “The Ish” kicks off with a mesmerizing drum groove that left me falling into a state of uninterrupted hypnosis. Intermingled with trippy synth sounds and distorted vocals, the track maintains its seductive ambiance throughout its runtime. The track subsequently leads into its partner, “Way Gone,” with an effortlessness that left me fully entranced as the second tune preserves the thumping beat that serves as the backbone for the EP while also introducing an aspect of danceability.

Both tracks on The ISH complement each other flawlessly and showcase a fresh new component of artistry adopted by the artists. By the end of the listening experience, only two questions are left unanswered: What’s next for these two, and what’s next for Etiquette?

Check out The ISH EP on Spotify below and make sure to download/stream it on your favorite listening platform!

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Hannah Wants Eskuche - The ISH EP

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