Mat Zo Drops Hot New Track from Upcoming Album ‘Illusion of Depth’

Mat Zo

Mat Zo announced details for his third album, Illusion of Depth, and dropped a single called “Problems” that features Atlanta-based artist Olan!

Fall couldn’t come any sooner! Mat Zo announced his return home to Anjunabeats with his upcoming album Illusion of Depth that’s set to drop this October. It will be the London-born, LA-based producer’s third album to date, and speaking about the upcoming release he said “I started working on Illusion of Depth because I wanted to make a body of work that was cohesive. I’m usually known for being all over the place, but I wanted to make an album that had unifying qualities.”

The first single off the upcoming album, “Problems,” features Olan is an absolute heater. Mat says that a big part of the conception of the album came from working with Olan, who is a highly-skilled singer, songwriter, and producer based in Atlanta, who Mat has known and worked with for years. Olan’s vocals and musical contribution appear on not one, and not two, but THREE of the tracks on the entire album!

“Problems” couldn’t have come at a better time. The lyrics speak to those who are battling all the curveballs thrown our way during 2020. It’s the perfect anthem and reminder to tell everyone to keep pushing forward and never to give up no matter how hard things get. Olan had this to say about the hot-ballad track:

“Problems” was a song that came together seamlessly at the time. We wrote the entire song in a day, but its meaning and depth wasn’t clear to mE until recently. It feels like a conversation with myself or some inner spirit that’s trying to find some neutral ground or peace when I’m overwhelmed by things I can’t control. The lyrics seem to be about accepting things as they come and trust the voice in my head that tells me to keep trying my best.


Stream Mat Zo’s new track “Problems” ft. Olan on Spotify or your preferred platform, check out the tracklist for Mat Zo’s upcoming album Illusion of Depth and pre-order it, and let us know what you think of the new single in the comments below!

Stream Mat Zo – Problems ft. Olan on Spotify:

Mat Zo – Illusion of Depth – Tracklist:

  1. I Media Res 
  2. Love Songs 
  3. The Next Chapter feat. GQ
  4. Problems feat. Olan 
  5. Bruxism 
  6. Fly While You’re Still Free 
  7. Petrushka 
  8. Dangerous Feeling
  9. Colours feat. Olan
  10. Paralysis feat. Olan 
  11. Begin Again 
Mat Zo Illusion of Depth

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